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Friday, 17 January 2014

Progress has been made today.

Been with him this morning. He had a rough night, but they now seem ahead of the pain, so progress I hope in that department, He is still sleepy and saying weird things, when I was there he was sure he could hear Nb Alton coming with Brian and Ann Marie. It goes to show he has his mind on boats even though he is poorly. He has managed open both his eyes today which was fantastic. He is now allowed to sip water and I even fed him a few small pieces of scrambled egg, so we will see how that lies. He still has all the tubes and wires and they are keeping a close eye on him. His blood test this morning came back as almost normal, which is excellent. I spoke with the pain management doctor and they had thought about putting in a epidural, but because Keith is so toxic, it causes its own issues of infection, so they are holding fire on that for the moment. His colour is good and he looks more relaxed in the face, so the pain relief seems to be doing its job at least. So much happier today to see him peaceful. He still does not really know I am there all time and he is quite random with what he talks about when he is a wake. They hope to reduce the pain relief gradually over the next few days. I was told it is still early days, but I am much more positive having seen him this morning. He is on 3 antibiotics which are very toxic, so the ICU is the best place for him right now. Thank you for the wishes, which I pass on each day, he does not take it all in but I am sure when he reads all your messages he will be over whelmed.

Afternoon Update.
I am a happy bunny tonight, because I got the smile from Keith I have been waiting for this evening. I am beginning to believe he has turned the corner. Tonight they will give him the last of his domestos antibiotic Gentamicin , but keep the other 2 up. They have his pain under control, so much so that they were able to roll him without him going through the roof and he was helped by the physio's to sit on the side of the bed for a few seconds. Progress is definitely being made and I can see him being moved out of ICU if he continues to progress over the weekend. But as the nurse reminded me, things can still go pear shaped very quickly, so I will not count my chickens just yet, but I will start gathering them together for the count. He is still saying strange things and seeing things, but I just go with the flow, that should stop once they get the Morphine and Tramadol down to decent level.

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