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Tuesday 14 January 2014

Never rains unless it pours.

Hi Friends.

You know when they say things come along in three's, well they lied.

For Keith it is four's. I am sad to report he is back in hospital, not with his back, or the stomach bug or water infection, this time he has a severely inflamed Gallbladder...No I am not joking, he is poorly again.
I had to call 111 at 4 am this morning (Monday) and an ambulance was sent. Having been in A&E his sats were dropping so he was rushed into resuscitation where they could keep a closer eye on him and do all the tests needed. They did an x-ray and ultrasound on the spot and then rushed him down for a CT scan. The verdict was they say his gallbladder is poorly. When I say poorly I mean severely inflamed, which was causing him excruciating pain. Anyone of you who has suffered with this will know what I mean. He had 30ml of Morphine whilst in Resus plus other drugs and they thought they had got him stable enough to get him on to the 23 hour ward, but having moved him from the trolley to the bed, the pain was just as intense, so they gave him Tramadol, Diclofenic and Diazepam as well. Finally it appeared to knock him out enough that he was moaning in his knocked out state about the pain, but at least he was more settled. The nurse looking after him was on doing checking him every five minutes, because of all the medication he had been given. I think the amount given could have knocked out a Elephant. He is on Oxygen to keep his sats up and on an Antibiotic drip and it is now a matter of waiting and seeing. The hospital has the Norovirus, so one I left him at lunch time, I was told I cannot go back in to see him, until the hospital get the all clear, so will have to phone to get his condition. Just wanted to let you all know...

UPDATE: I rang the hospital before going to bed and was told despite still being in pain, he is more settled and sedated on the drugs. The lock down of the hospital due to the Norovirus over the weekend had been lifted slightly and I can go and see him for an hour on Tuesday, so I will hopefully know more.

It never rains unless it pours for Keith at the moment, but he is in the right place, everyone there has been wonderful.

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