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Sunday 26 January 2014

Here is another day

There was I thinking I am going to get a decent nights sleep, because I felt shattered. I went to bed at 9.40 pm due to having a problem keeping my eyes open. I snuggled down beneath the duvet and was soon asleep. At 11.30 pm I was woken up with a start after the fan on the freezer was making a hideous noise. I shot out of bed to investigate, but the noise stopped. heart rate through the roof, I got back into my nice warm bed and tried to sleep again, but the dam fan went off again, this time it did not last long. I did manage to drift off until 3.45 am. I lay awake and then got up to make myself a cuppa. Marmite joined me back in bed and had a natter with me. If only I knew what she was talking about. Cuppa drunk, it was time to try and get at least another hour of sleep, otherwise I was going to be a zombie for the rest of the day. I managed to stay in bed till 5 am, then I decided enough was enough I would get up. I look forward to getting my body clock back to normal.


This morning at 5 am up the Arm.

Up at 5 am, I went to the laundry and put the new pyjama’s I bought for Keith yesterday (Saturday) in the wash, because they were a bit stiff and would not be at all comfortable. Whilst they and other items washed, back on the boat I relit the back cabin stove, which was stubborn to get going.  Eventually it kicked into life and the back cabin was soon warming up. After some breakfast I walked Paddy, fed him and Marmite and then myself.

Boat chores done, I rang for a taxi because it was lashing it down with rain as forecast. 10.45 am I was on my way to see Keith. 11 am I was allowed in and found him looking sickly and very cold. Keith had a temp of 38.4 and was tachycardic so the doctor was concerned enough to order the CT today rather than waiting to Monday etc. They took him off of one of his antibiotics to see if it is that causing his sickness. He went for his scan this afternoon at 3.13 pm and the doctor on duty says it shows a build up of something, so tomorrow the surgeon will decide what to do, they may drain it off, but the doctor could not give me anymore information than that, as he had not had a proper look at the scan. Keith cannula became blocked again, It took three people over a couple of hours to get a new cannula in, because Keith's veins have shut down. Finally they got one in using a hot water bath. Keith has been very emotional today bless him, so I stayed as long as I could. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and they finally sort him out.

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