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Saturday 13 April 2019

Day 36: Fradley Nature Reserve.

Hello family, friends and followers.

After a fabulous meal at The Swan Inn (Mucky Duck), I was pleasantly full and contented during the evening. I sat reading and crocheting until bedtime, which these days does not come soon enough. The problem is though, the earlier you go to bed, the earlier I rise, so I held out till 10pm before heading off the my bed.

The morning dawned and a cuppa was made, which was enjoyed listening to a Canada Goose calling and birds singing.
My plan for the day was to have no major plan, although I did want to spend time in the nature reserve. I got the boat chores sorted out and breakfast done, before we gathered our cameras and headed across the road to the nature reserve. I wanted to go early, before the public arrived and scared off the wildlife.
The reserve has a wonderful hide, which we spent some time in.
It was fun watching this Squirrel, who managed to crawl into the cage to gather food. It is meant to keep them out, but clearly it did not work.
There is an abundance of Tufted ducks male and females.
Spring flowers, were in full bloom and brightening what was cloudy on and off.
I am in my element when there are wonderful things to take photographs of and today I had a wonderful time photographing the flora and fauna around us. I hope to do the same again tomorrow.
I went back to the boat to cook lunch and no sooner I had lit the stove the gas ran out. So there was I head down in the gas locker, swapping over the bottle. The old one had lasted us quite some time, so I could not grumble. We need to get another now, because we are down to the new one we are using. After lunch, I went out again with my camera and Keith went and did a bit of lock work. During the afternoon, I collected up some of the books I have read and took them up to the pub and put them on their bookcase for others to take and read. I did come back with a couple of new books to read, one of them being The Water Gypsies by Annie Murray. It is the follow on from The Narrowboat Girl, which I read a few weeks ago. I do enjoy the Annie Murray books.
There have been plenty of boats on the move today. Boats coming and going. I often wonder where they have all come from and where they are going too.
The rest of the afternoon has been spent reading, crocheting and listening to the football on the radio. At the moment we are running the generator to charge the batteries for the night.

Pop back soon xxx

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