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Monday 29 April 2019

Day 51: Beeston and onto the Erewash Canal.

Hi family, friends and followers.

Having enjoyed a wonderful weekend at Beeston, it was time to say "Cheerio" and head back up the River Trent. But before we could do that, we needed to take on water and empty the cassette. Filling up with water was no problem.
Emptying the cassette was another matter. Someone has been putting things down the elsan which have to right to be there. This is now causing an issue not just for passing boaters, but also those who have long term moorings at Beeston. It is also going to cost a lot to put it right. I do so wish people would only put down the elsan what is meant to go down it. Nappies and Baby wipes go in the bin as do any other things that are not liquid.
Having at least filled up with water, we were on our way.
After the rain of the last couple of days, the River Trent had a definite flow on, but Hadar was loving it.
Come in No 4 your time is up.
There are some fabulous places along the River Trent, all of them with different characters.
One of the Dunkirk little ships getting a makeover. Lady Sylvia started life as the Sylvia in 1930. She was based in Ramsgate in 1940 when she was involved in the evacuation from Dunkirk. She survived strafing and being set on fire to make two successful trips to the beaches. Such a wonderful boat.
We arrived at Cranfleet Lock. Keith dropped me off on the pontoon, so I could work the lock, whilst he waited.
We turned onto the Erewash at 12.05pm. There was a small plastic cruiser in Trent lock, which asked if we wanted to join him, but the craft did not look in good condition, so we declined his offer. The worry with the weight of Hadar in the lock with his boat, and the surge of water pouring in, we could of crushed his boat.
Up through Trent lock and on our way.

One of a handful of house boats.
Sandiacre Lock.
We finished our cruising day by mooring below Pasture Lock having done 9.5 miles and 6 locks.

Pop back soon xx

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