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Friday 26 April 2019

Day 48: Holme Lock to Beeston Heritage Centre.

Hi Family, friends and followers.

After the thunderstorms of yesterday, it was lovely to wake up this morning to sunshine pouring through our pigeon box. It was a tad chilly in the boat, so the back cabin stove was relit. I could not light the saloon stove, because the fire cement around the collar was cracked. So we would need to call into the chandlery in Nottingham to get some more cement, because the weather forecast for the next couple of days is not particularly favourable. Apparently we have storm Hannah coming our way.
We set off in the sunshine just after 9 am and it was actually warmer outside, than it was in the boat.
We had a pleasant cruise back up the Trent towards Nottingham and saw no other boats on the move apart from some rows out practicing. The river was very quiet.
We got to Meadow Lane Lock, which has the Nottingham Forest football ground opposite it. I stepped off the boat onto the pontoon lock mooring. This time there was no boat moored in the middle of it, so we could pull in properly.
Whilst Keith held the boat at the mooring, I walked up and set the lock, which was full.
After getting up through Meadow Lane Lock, we were back on the Beeston and Nottingham Canal, and heading towards Nottingham. Up through Castle Lock. We then pulled in and I nipped off to the chandlery to buy some more fire cement. Thankfully they had what I needed and in Black. I would be lighting the saloon stove later on. I do not feel the cold like Keith does these days. Last night we were cold and ended up going to bed early, because it was warm beneath the duvet.
Some 20 minutes after pulling in, we were on our way again and heading for Beeston.
We arrived at our destination, with the clouds piling in and the ominous look of rain on its way. I had hoped we could go and walk around the Attenborough Nature Reserve, but I do not hold out a lot of hope. No point getting soaked for nothing. We will stop here for the weekend. I have baking to do and the saloon stove to light later on. I have used the new fire cement and so the fire will be safe to fire up later.

Update: The saloon stove is lit and now we are boiling, but hey ho better hot than cold. We may need to open the doors :-)
We went for a stroll up to the lock and then to the chandlery.
The sky looked very menacing, so having been in the chandlery, we turned round and walked home to a toastie boat. I am now sitting with my feet up, coffee to hand and a good book. I am reading Sleepers Castle by Barbara Erskine and it is brilliant. I can totally recommend it.

Pop back soon xx

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