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Monday 8 April 2019

Days 30 and 31: BCLM and Hawne Basin.

Hiya family, friends and followers.

Yesterday (Sunday), we spent in the museum again. I took a lot more photographs and we enjoyed another fabulous day. I dare anyone to go to the BCLM and not have a fantastic day.
Today (Monday) was moving day.
We waved goodbye to the museum for a few months and headed off.
Down Brades Locks and onto Albion junction, where we turned left.
At Sheepwash Junction we turned left again. There is a temporary dam at the junction where they have the main line drained to work on the aqueduct. It always amazes me how they manage to keep the water at bay.
Into Netherton Tunnel. The tunnel light decided it did not want to work. Keith shouted down into the cabin to check the trip for the light. I pressed buttons and flipped the switch and after a few moment in darkness, there was light once more. We are thinking there maybe a connection issue. The light is elderly and is a bit like Triggers broom, because we have replaced different bits on it over the years.
Now whilst in the tunnel, I had a very spooky thing happen to me. I was standing in the engine room peering out of the engine room door, when I clearly felt someone brush past my shoulder. I definitely felt something, because it made me look around to see if someone was there, which of course they were not, because Keith was steering the boat, but something happened in the tunnel. I am wondering if it is haunted and if so who by?
Tunnel two for the day was Gosty Hill tunnel. We had to remove the water cans and take the chimneys off, because it gets very low part way in.
Entrance to Hawne basin, where we have to reverse through the bridge-hole into the basin.
Before mooring up, we took on diesel and filled up with water. I used the laundry to do a wash of the bigger items, such as bedding and towels and we also used their showers. It is so lovely at Hawne Basin and they always make you feel so welcome.

Pop back soon xxx

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