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Thursday 18 April 2019

Day 40: Shardlow to Nottingham.

Hiya Family, friends and followers.

After a pleasant stay in Sharlow catching up with friends, we left there this morning and headed off towards the River Trent.
It was a misty start to the day, but it was most definitely warmer than it had been over previous days. I had taken off the jacket and gone down to my body warmer, so that was a plus. I am a river lover, so to be on the Trent was so wonderful. We had two lovely lock keepers at Derwent Lock who saw us through. I did not have to do a a thing.
By the time we got to Beeston Lock, I had Sausage Rolls in the oven and a coffee on the go. Having worked the lock, we pulled in to the Sanitary station, to do all what needed to be done and then we carried on to Nottingham.
We are both looking forward to visiting Nottingham again and to see things we did not see last time. Having moored up, we soon realised it is shallower than the last time we were here. We are not in at the bank, but never mind. As we no longer have Paddy, we do not have to think about how to get him off. I still miss our old man, but take every opportunity to say "Hello" to other people's Collies. Yesterday I met to wonderful Collies and their owners.

After a much needed coffee, we decided that we would go and do our food shopping, because you can guarantee that tomorrow being Good Friday it will be heaving in the supermarkets, as everyone prepares for their weekend. Now the dilemma was, do we walk over a mile and a half to Aldi, or walk up the towpath to Sainsbury and pay more for the shopping. No brainer, we went to Sainsbury and to be honest we did not spend much more, mainly because I did not need a lot. With it going to be a hot weekend, I have plumped for salads and stir fries, so easy to do and it kept the cost down. Once back on the boat, neither of us had much energy left for anything else, so I have sat reading Whisper by Rosie Goodwin, which I have to say is excellent so far. I am halfway through and find it hard to put down. Anyway nothing much else to say, so I will say "cheerio".

Pop back later xxx

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