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Sunday 5 April 2020

Day 10: Fire is out.

Dear family, friends and followers.

I am probably sounding like a broken record at the moment. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STAY HOME. It seems despite the government asking people to do the right thing this weekend, people are just not listening. I can seriously see a complete lockdown coming and no one will be allowed out for exercise. You will only be allowed out for essential shopping and medication. If this happens will be because some people, think that none of the restrictions apply to them.
Why I wonder do they feel this way?
Is it because they think they will never get the virus and possibly die?
Is it because they do not like the government, so are just ignoring what is said?
Or is it because they are stupid?
You decide.

Rant over. It has been a beautiful day. I let the stove go out over night, because we were promised sunshine and warmth. I was not disappointed with the forecast at all, because we had the sunshine and the warmth. It was actually so nice to let the stove go out, because it meant I could give the flue a good seeing to. I always try and give it a sweep once a fortnight when the fire is low, but this morning I gave it a thoroughly good clean out. If the stove stays out, then I will turn my attention to rubbing down the stove and repainting it, but as we may still get some chilly nights, I will hold fire on the painting (excuse the pun).
With the warmth and the sunshine came the throwing open of the doors and letting the fresh air circulate throughout the boat. With this came the birdsong permeating around the boat. The Robin and Wren were in especially good voice throughout the day.
Mr Robin was first to the bird table this morning and was more than happy to take food from my hand again. Keith is going to try and take a photograph, so I can prove Mr Robin actually does eat from the palm of my hand. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing the sound of birds. We used to hear lots of traffic, but that has been replaced by the sound of birds and the traffic is now almost silent. The odd car or motorbike has gone along the Birmingham road today, but in the main people have clearly stayed at home.
The garden was looking especially lovely today in the sunshine. I am thinking we may need more colour through the seasons, but for now it will do.
We do seem to have a bit of a casualty. A boating friend asked if she could put her Christmas tree in our garden, rather than keeping it in the pot on their boat. I said I would look after it for her until she comes back for Christmas. Unfortunately it is going a little brown and I do not know why. I am upping the watering, in case that is the cause and crossing my fingers that I do not kill her tree.
During the afternoon, I carried on crocheting another blanket for the Border Collie Trust GB. I am am think that due to the lockdown, I am going to be doing a lot of crocheting. I am really thankful, I have plenty of wool onboard, which so many kind and wonderful people have donated. The Trust can look forward to a lot of new blankets once the virus has run its course and we can all hopefully get back to some sort of normality.
The afternoon is slowly plodding into the evening and there is now a definite chill, Keith has put his fleece on, which means he is already chilly. I am wondering now, whether I should have kept the stove going. I may be relighting the stove later :-).

Here is something fun to do. Mine was Tiger feet by Mud.

Please look after yourselves. Stay safe and well.
Pop back soon xx

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