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Thursday 2 April 2020

Day 7: Home cooking.

Dear family, friends and followers.

We are living in unprecedented times and so when there is some good news, it gladdens the heart. Today's good news was that our friends Ian and Irene on narrowboat FreeSpirit have made it home from Australia. You may already follow their blog, in which case you will know how hard it has been for them to come home. Reading Irene's post on Facebook this morning, really bought a smile to my face, because I know how much she wanted to get home to their boat.

Our day has been a simple one. Keith's poorly laptop was taken to the post office to be sent back to the company we got it from. Our lovely friend Jacqueline, who has had the virus, very kindly came and got it for us and took it to the post office as part of her daily exercise. We kept a 2 metre gap between us, but had a nice little chat. Hopefully his laptop will be fixed quickly and sent back, as the company is still working at the moment during the virus.
I did some baking, because the cake tin was empty. I decided to use the Lime which came in our fruit and vegetable box on Tuesday. I made us Lime drizzle muffins. I can honestly say this is the first time I have used a Lime in cakes, so I will see what I think, when I have one for my tea tonight. I love baking and this all came about because I did cookery at school. My domestic science teacher Miss Hack (became Mrs Lawrence) was a wonderful teacher, she taught me a lot about cooking. It was the one lesson I really enjoyed and knew I was good at. I am not a fancy cook or baker, but I enjoy what I do and that is down to her.

The news is full of the virus and I think we all hope that there will be some good news at some point. Facebook has been a great source of enjoyment with family and friends and today I had a video chat with one of my sister-in-laws, which was so enjoyable. The one thing with people in lock down or self-isolating, is we are all finding ways to stay in touch with others. Facebook and Twitter have also been coming up with wonderful live broadcasts.
One such broadcast I watched was Matt and Savana Shaw. Such beautiful voices.
At the moment I think it is essential to keep in touch with family and friends, because it will help keep us all sane and also it is good to talk. There may be those who are finding it difficult being cooped up with their partners and this of course can put a strain on any relationship. If you are finding you are struggling, do not bottle it up or struggle on, talk to someone. You can either talk to family, friends or an organisation out there who will happily listen and if need be advise. I imagine that organisations like the Samaritans are very busy, but never too busy to listen. Do not suffer alone.

Apart from baking today. I have done some sewing.
I hemmed some cotton liners for Keith's stock boxes for his railway carriages and trains. There is no end to my talents. I will turn my hand to anything. Sewing for a few years was my job of work, when I used to make the robes for Judges, Barristers, Solicitors and University's. In those days I worked with anything from Nylon to Silk and even worked with fur (which is not acceptable today). I think these days most of these gowns are now made in large factories, but we used to make them for individuals at obviously a higher cost. I was a dab hand with an industrial sewing machine and worked from a beautiful Silk Mill in Hampshire.
As my afternoon weaves its way towards the evening, I have dinner to make and films to watch later.

May you all stay safe and well. Remember to clap for the carers tonight at 8pm. 

Pop back soon xxx.

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