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Friday 10 April 2020

Days 14 and 15: Easter weekend.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Let us start this ramble with some great news. Buddy in the photograph above has been found safe and well after his owners van was stolen with Buddy inside. In a time when we are all struggling to find some good news, this warms the heart to know that owner and dog are back together.

Yesterday Thursday day 14, would have been our last day self isolating and a day to be able to enjoy the small things in life. Yesterday was actually spent getting dustbins in and taking in a Tesco delivery for us and others we were shopping for in the Arm. With the weather being so lovely, I spent some of it in the garden sorting out the weeds, which are trying to take over at the moment. I will win the weed war eventually. Because we are in lockdown and not cruising, we will be able to spend more time in the garden, enjoying the flowers, birds and bees and keeping the weeds under control. As I have said there is always a plus to any minus.
After our food delivery yesterday, I delivered food to the other boaters who I had added to the list and then spent the evening crocheting. I am trying to perfect my rainbow.
This one was a bit too big, so I am playing around at making a smaller one with clouds attached.
Today is Good Friday and the sun is out. It has been yet another lovely day.
In 2018 some of you who read my ramblings will know our Border Collie died, but even today his fur is lining the nests of Blue Tits. I kept his fur after brushes and put it in a cage on the bird table, so the birds can come and take his fur for their nests. Today the Blue Tits were helping themselves. They are nesting in one of the boxes on site.
A Solitary Bee is interested in our bee hotel, so we may see that filling up over the coming days.
Now we are all hearing how people are not obeying the restrictions and how some think it is all just a con, well yesterday a friend heard it all first hand. This was her post.
Well heard it all now. He was cutting some wood up and the lady in the nearby farm came to tell him he was welcome to help himself to wood on the field next to us. Very kind of her and he might do that if we need any. But...... she stood there (well apart from us and downwind) and said she didn't believe any of this coronovirus rubbish, that it was all a con, that Boris wasn't in hospital at all and probably spending some time off with his girlfriend somewhere sunny. And all the time complaining of a headache the likes of she's never had before. At which point he steps back again. And still she goes on about it being over oil. When she'd finished I politely pointed out that if this wasn't real she should tell that to the parents of a little boy in hospital with it and the families of the doctors and nurses who have died. I also told her to keep an eye on the headache and to call 111 if it got any worse.
Some people eh🤔🙄
For anyone reading this rambling, who  thinks that this virus is a con. You really need to think again. This is very real and wonderful people are dying. We are losing nurses, doctors, old, young, healthy and not so healthy to this virus. Stop looking through rose coloured glasses and do the right thing. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STAY AT HOME.
Let us get the numbers down, so in the future we can get our wonderful country and the world back to some sort of normality. All over the world people are losing their lives to this horrible virus and it should not be happening.

This weekend is the Easter Weekend and whilst it may seem like a great idea to go out and about. Please Do Not. Stay home and enjoy the weather and Easter eggs in your own home and garden. Today's numbers The UK death toll has increased by 980 to reach a total of 8,958.

Pop back soon xxx

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