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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Day 6: Not crazy yet.

Dear family, friends and followers.

So, right now I think we are all appreciating our families, friends and loved ones a little more. I hope you are well, and safe during this challenging time?

As the number of deaths across this country and the world increase, I am ever mindful that every single death from this darn virus is so incredibly sad for not just the family and friends but for the world as a whole. This virus is taking young and old, no one is immune, so I will say this again PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay at home and keep your loved ones close by. There are many thousands and millions of people who are working on the front line, who I am eternally grateful for, because they are the hero's in all of this. They are the ones putting their lives on the line, to help others, whether it be the NHS, Army, emergency services, lorry drivers, binmen, delivery drivers etc, they all deserve our thanks.

Another day dawned with a brew and the BBC breakfast news. It is now becoming the norm, to see everything about the virus across the world and of course the UK. It at times seems that this is the only news across the world right now, oh and the fact that there is no sport. The powers that be were deciding whether to cancel Wimbledon. Later in the afternoon the decision was to cancel it for the first time since WWII. So no tennis this Summer, but think how over joyed we will all be when it does happen again :-).

Up and dressed. I got on with the usual morning things, which are boring, so I will not send you to sleep yet again. I am quite sure you nod off already with my ramblings. I decided that after doing bits yesterday, today I would do very little in the garden, I do not want to peek to soon. Instead I got on with more crocheting and sorted out the cupboards and draws. I am thinking we will have an incredibly tidy boat, when this is done. I am actually thinking, I need to have a clear out in some of the boxes. So that has gone on my to do list. I went for my allowed exercise. Neither of us are going out of the security of the Arm unless we absolutely have too. So I took a slow stroll down to the Sensory garden and back. Whilst all of this is going on, the one thing which is constant is the wildlife going about its day. Blue Tits were checking out one of the Arms next boxes. Mr/Mrs Rat ran across the grass to the compost heap and Mr/Mrs Magpie were collecting nesting material. They have absolutely no idea what is going on and I am glad it is that way. Because when this virus has run its course and we step out into the world again, the wildlife will still be going about their day.
During the afternoon, I was stood at the sink looking out onto our garden and I had to look twice. Yes that is Mr/Mrs Ratty. They have found a way of getting onto our bird table. Once onto the solitary bee home, it then climbs around onto the front and hauls its way up onto the table. It was out of luck, because there was nothing out there. I am not frightened of rats, because I grew up with them on the farm. The only thing to think about is they can cause Weil's disease. So whilst they are around, I have another reason to keep my hands washed. I do find them rather cute though and they do keep themselves very clean. I always remember a school friend of mine had two as pets.

How are you all doing at the moment?
If you want to chat and need someone to listen, please send me a message and I will happily natter to you. I know for some this is a scary and very lonely time.

Pop back soon xxx

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