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Monday 27 April 2020

Day 88: Bees and hedge row.

Dear family friends and followers.

With it being another fine and sunny day, it was going to be an in and out day for getting jobs done.
Our day began with a lay-in and for us it was a big lay-in, because I did not actually wake up until 8 am, which for me is incredibly late. I am guessing sitting up late trying to get a food shop delivery slot helped with the sleeping in. In these days of lockdown, there is little point in getting up mega early. I am spreading all the jobs out, so there is no urgency to be up and at them.
Once up and about, Mr Robin got his breakfast. I dare say he was extremely miffed at having to wait so long to get his daily dose of suet containing mealworms. I went for my stroll in the Arm. The sound of the birds was drowned out by the road works and the traffic. It seems for some the lockdown is at an end, because there was a definite increase in cars on the road. Now of course it is possible they were all going to work at the hospital or Sainsbury's, but I wonder how many were out, just because they thought they could?
9 am I sat and watched the statement from Boris Johnson on his return to No10 after his fight with the Coronavirus. It is good to have him back on the front line. It was also good to hear, that he has no intention of lifting the lockdown until he is absolutely sure it is the right time. So it is now time for the media and press to stop asking the question about when will we be coming out of lockdown. It is beginning to sound like "Are we nearly there yet". After all how long is a piece of string?

Our hedgerow was beginning to look a little shaggy and in need of a trim. I used our strimmer to take the front of the hedge off and tidy it up. Because it is on a bank, we have a walkway along the base of the hedge, which was put in my the previous moorer. It is brilliant for someone who is vertically challenged. 
There is however a downside. The staging is old, slopes and is going rotten.
We are looking into replacing it and are waiting for quotes to have the work done for us. We also want it extend the staging right to the end of the garden, so that we do not have to climb the slope every time we want to do something to the hedgerow. I managed to tidy the hedge without causing myself a mischief thankfully.
The Bees using our Bee hotel have been very productive this past couple of days. One of the hotels is filling up nicely. It is fascinating to stand and watch them going about their work.
With so little breeze in the Arm today the reflections have been glorious. The only downside was the noise from the road works. Otherwise it was perfect for relaxing and enjoying the calm. Hard to enjoy the peace with the noise on the road.
Well that is it for today.

Pop back soon xxx

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