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Saturday 18 April 2020

Day 79: You'll Never Walk Alone

Dear family, friends and followers.

I have been following this truly inspirational man Captain Tom Moore, who has now raised £22,819,827.62 (at the time of typing). He has with Michael Ball bought out You'll Never Walk Alone and it made me cry. Here is a gentleman who has fought for his country and who is still fighting. This time he is fighting for the NHS. An amazing gentleman who has captured hearts across the world. Hopefully he will reach number One.

It is Saturday and we had rain overnight and for most of the morning. The garden was really happy to have some water and it saved me having to water, which I have been doing since returning home. Mr Robin came for his breakfast, and lingered on my hand this morning, whilst he filled his tummy with food. He is getting ever braver. I have a feeling he maybe feeding a family, so I am now wondering if I will be introduced to the offspring. Whatever happens, I will continue to feed him for as long as he wants to come to my hand.

I had a walk down to the Sensory Garden and back when the rain stopped. I feel the need to stretch my legs, especially as we are locked in for at least another three weeks.

Lunch today was baked potatoes and chilli, with grated cheese on top. I think we maybe eating more baked spuds, because they are easy to do and you can add any topping. I secured a food delivery for Thursday, where I can top the freezer and fridge. I think getting a delivery maybe harder, because of the further lockdown, but I will keep plugging away. I am still not happy about queuing outside a supermarket. Having had Bronchitis for many years pre-boating, I know my lungs are not as strong as they were before the Bronchitis, so I am just being careful. Some may say paranoid, but rather that than poorly big time.

Due to the weather it is a day of watching films. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to start the afternoon off and then we have the delights of Oliver, so an afternoon of Musicals for me this afternoon.

May your Saturday be a safe one.

Pop back soon xxx

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