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Sunday 26 April 2020

Day 87: Films and hearts.

Dear family, friends and followers.

A beautiful sunny start to Sunday. The Robin and Wren were battling for top spot in the singing chart this morning. But as most of us know the top spot has been taken by Captain Tom Moore and Michael Ball. I am quite sure the Robin and Wren are happy to be second best to an incredible man, who has now won two Guinness World Records.
He is now:
- The most money raised by charity walk (individual)
- Oldest person to reach number one in the UK charts
Well done Tom ❤️

Neither of us were up with the larks. With this lockdown comes lying in bed longer, because there is no rush to get up and about. We are spending the time to relax in bed, drink our tea and watch the news, before we spring into life. As I said yesterday the news is purely filled with the Coronavirus and no other world news, which is depressing. There is however light at the end of what is a very dark tunnel for some, because we are hearing good news stories of people who have survived the virus and are now back home with their loved ones.
A part from feeding Mr Robin, another of my new morning jobs is to water the garden, because we have had very little rain of late. We are promised some showers this coming week, which the garden will welcome, because our soil is really hard. I am thinking of mixing some compost with the soil to try and soften it a bit. In place it is like concrete. All the residential gardens were made up from the digging out of the Arm when it was restored back in the early 80's and so we know there is clay mixed in with the soil. I will have some horse manure coming, once the lockdown is over from friends who live nearby. Plants watered, I went for a stroll in the Arm to stretch my legs. Whilst pootling along, it was so wonderful to hear the birds and no vehicles on the Birmingham Road. The birds are not in competition with the road noise at the moment, they are only out singing each other. The Butterflies were out in force. Orange Tips, Peacocks and Small Whites. I could have very easily just sat in the Sensory garden and enjoyed the sunshine and birdsong, but jobs had to be done and no sitting allowed when on daily exercise.
Back onboard, I packed up 30 hearts for Palliative Care patients at the local hospital and put them in the post box.
The reason for the hearts is visiting is severely restricted in hospitals in line with national guidelines, so Trust staff hope giving patients and their loved ones matching fabric, knitted or crocheted hearts will help them feel connected. By giving the patient a heart, and sending a matching one to their family, it can help them feel like they have an emotional link, and a small token to focus on. The hearts are quarantined for seven days before they are given to the patient, to ensure any risk of infection is minimised. It is a new task learnt and it may give comfort to patients and their families.
Sunday for me has always been a day of doing very little, because it was once a day of rest and church. For me going to church stopped a very long time ago (long story). But doing little on a Sunday has always remained. I like to get any jobs done of a morning and then spend the afternoon watching Sunday movies. Today's choice of movies starred Hugh Grant. Have you heard about the Morgan's and 9 Months. Followed up with One Fine Day with George Clooney. I was crocheting at the same time as watching the TV. The evening we carried on with the Game of Thrones series. We are in Season 6 now and although I do find the language and violence extreme, I have enjoyed the series. We need to buy seasons 7 and 8.
See you next week.
Pop back soon xxx

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