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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Day 75: Back to jobbing.

Dear family, friends and followers.

I am here and doing fine. I did not post yesterday, because I felt like a day off. With it being the Easter weekend, I thought hey I will not post today. Sorry if that worried anyone?

How was your Easter weekend?
I was forward thinking on the chocolate front. I bought our chocolate before we headed out at the beginning of March. My thinking was, that on the run up to Easter at Ellesmere Port, which was where we were supposed to be, I may not get an opportunity to buy Easter eggs, so I bought ours before we left our mooring. As it turned out we did not make it to the port and I would not have been out and about to buy eggs, so I was glad I thought about it in advance. I do love to think ahead of time. I just wish I had done the same thing with soap. Yes chocolate came before soap in my head. We are not desperate for soap, but having opened the last bar, I suddenly thought, heck we need soap. I have ordered some for our next delivery, so we will see if it arrives. We use Simple Soap because we both have allergies and this appears to be the only soap we can use. Hopefully we will have some soap, when the new food order comes at the end of the month.

With the Easter weekend over, it was back to getting the jobs done. Today's jobs was to finish polishing the boat.
Hadar's paintwork is now over Twelve years old and it is beginning to show its age, with the paintwork getting thin and scratched. But polishing twice a year has kept the red from blooming, which usually happens with Red. I have lovingly looked after the paintwork to delay the repainting, which will have to happen at some point. Repainting is costly, so the longer I can delay that day, the better. I also do a lot of touching up of the paintwork as well.
With the polishing done, I turned my attention to the bathroom, which required a darn good clean. Our bathroom is only two foot by four foot and so does not always get the attention it deserves. The tiles got a good scrubbing and the grouting whitened. When Hadar was built, we thought that tiles was the best way to go, but I think if were doing the bathroom today, I would have chosen shower panels instead. When we eventually get round to changing the bathroom decor, I think we will remove the tiles and plump for shower panels, because it will be so much easier to keep clean.
The past few days we have had some lovely weather and today was no exception. The sun was out, with a nip in the air, so I kept the fire going, which I re-lit yesterday. 
Butterflies were out and about.
It is always lovely to see the Butterflies in the garden and the Orange Tip is one of my favourites. 
At this time of lockdown, having our garden is a godsend. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be shut in a high rise apartment or flat and not being able to get out. But with the death toll still rising, we will all be in lockdown for a while long and I am thankful for our garden. 
Today's totals is such depressing reading. There has been an increase of 778 in the last 24 hours. I know I sound like a broken record. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. There are still people out there going out for non-essential trips.

Pop back soon xx

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