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Friday 17 April 2020

Day 78: Three further weeks.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Well we now know, we have a further three weeks of this virus lockdown.
How are you feeling about it?
At least a further 847 people have died with Covid-19 in the UK in the past 24 hours.

I am quite happy to do a further three weeks, because we all have to do our part. I think for most boaters, we are kind of used to being shut in over the winter and so this is just an extension of that. The only difference is the evening are lighter and of course the sun is shining. For us being on our mooring, it is a bonus because we can get out into our garden and onto our pontoon and we have the benefit of having our TV and landline. I of course realize for many it has been and will continue to be a huge struggle to stay home for another three weeks. For anyone with mental health issues or children at home, I can imagine it is a bit of a nightmare and of course if you or anyone you know is living with an abusive partner it must be dreadful. Always know that there is help out there if you feel you cannot cope. Please seek that help. Do not suffer alone.
After doing my garden video a couple of days ago. Irene on Freespirit asked to see our Bank Voles, who live in our wood pile. So above is a short video for you Irene of our furry friends, who are just so cute and funny.

I do not know if any of you have been following this story, but it has pulled at my heart strings. Captain Tom Moore, wanted to do something to help support the NHS. So he decided as he approached his 100th birthday, he would do 100 laps in his garden. His aim to begin with was to raise £1000 and then the media got hold of the story and his story went global. As I type this rambling Captain Tom Moore has raised an incredible £18,771,139.92. Here is a man who fought in WWII and he is still serving his country by raising this mind blowing amount of money. I sat in bed yesterday morning watching him do his last lap with tears rolling down my cheeks. This man is a beacon of hope in our time of crisis. If you have not seen his story please google it, because it will warm your heart.

Today has been a day of feeling chilly. We have had some lovely warm days and so this morning I thought it was time to get my legs out. I put a pinafore dress and t-shirt on, but immediately wondered if I had done the right thing, when I stepped off the boat, because there was a rather brisk chilly breeze blowing. I am not one to be put off though, so I decided to keep the dress on and hope that it would warm up. One of my first tasks of the day was to visit the laundry on site. It was big wash day, with bedding and towels. Whilst waiting for the washing to do its thing, I stood watching the workmen who are doing road works along the Birmingham Road. The Stanks Island roadworks were over running, mainly due to all the wet weather we had. The decision by the council and the company doing the works was for the roadworks to continue whilst the the lockdown, self-isolating and social distancing is going on. So you can imagine my horror this morning, as I watched the workmen most definitely not keeping their social distance with each other. If the powers that be are going to allow work to carry on, they must make sure that those doing the job are following the government guidelines. These men are seen by motorists, walkers and cyclists and they should be setting a good example. If they do not follow the guidelines, then others may think, why should we. I have contacted the powers that be to let them know my concerns, and await to see what happens.

I achieved very little on the run up to lunchtime. I did manage to catch up with e-mails and social media. I am trying to keep a routine, because it would be so easy to sit online all day nattering or watching films.

Hope that whatever you are doing it is keeping you busy.
I have been getting on with some more crochet. I have managed to learn how to crochet a rainbow and clouds, all with the help of Youtube.
This afternoon, having wanted to learn something new. I have made my first crocheted heart. Once again Youtube was my teacher. Perhaps in this time of being in lockdown we should all learn something new.
If you are trying something new, do let me know what it is you are trying.

Pop back soon xx

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