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Sunday 19 April 2020

Day 80: Our garden bloomin marvelous.

Dear family, friends and followers.

A beautiful start to Sunday, with the sun shining and the birds singing. Yesterday it was rather nippy and so I re-lit the stove, but on waking this morning, it was clear I would be letting the stove out again, because inside the boat was very toasty.
It has been a day to fling open all the doors and galley doors and let the sunshine and fresh air in. Because there are so few cars on the road, the birdsong was flowing through the boat this morning. Mr Robin was in fine voice as he waited for me to go and feed him.
As you will see and hear in the video we are blessed with being able to hear the birds and the bees. I think the wildlife is making the most of our enforced lockdown.

Today has been a day of cooking, gardening and of course making another video. Thank you for your kind messages about my first attempt at videoing our garden. I am giving it another go and I promise I will get better over the coming weeks. A couple of weeks ago, we had a meat delivery from our local butcher and in the pack was some steak. Now I am not normally a steak kind of girl. I like my steak in gravy, rather than it cooked on its own rare, medium done or well done. So I thought I would fry off the steak and add it to gravy for lunch. It actually turned out really lovely. There were two pieces, so the second steak is going to be had with pasta tomorrow. I am making everything go further, even though we have a food delivery coming this Thursday. We are of an opinion get it whilst you can, whilst not going and queuing at a supermarket. I am still not happy about going and queuing and so getting an online delivery is important at this time, especially as we do not have a car and I do not drive.

Having enjoyed a lovely lunch. The afternoon was spent chatting at a distance with fellow residential moorers. Although we all live here together, we do not see that much of each other, so it is always lovely to have a chat and put the world to right. Catching up on their news passes the time away as we all find things to do at the moment. Some of us more enthusiastic at getting jobs done than others. It was then time for Sunday afternoon films on Channel 5. Bridge over the river Kwai  and then Jason and the Argonauts. Classic films are always a welcome watch, especially on a Sunday.
Another week is drawing to a close. I wonder what next week will bring.

Pop back soon xxx

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