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Tuesday 7 April 2020

Day 11-12: Hand feeding.

Dear family, friends and followers.

There seems to be no other news going on across the world at the moment. Coronavirus is all consuming and in many ways that is how it should be, but I do find myself wondering what else is going on out there, so I sat and checked out the news on the tinternet, just to see if there is anything else happening and it appears there is not. Everything in the news at the moment is connected to the virus in one way or another. It makes you wonder what the news will be full of once this is all over and over it will be as long as we all do our part.
Day 11 had very little news, so I will not bore you with the usual boating chores. It will end up with you snoozing and we cannot have that.

Day 12: Finally I got a video of Mr Robin eating from my hand. He came this morning, but Keith could not get a photograph, so we tried again this afternoon and hey presto it worked. Mr Robin is very friendly and is happy to follow me around the garden when I am out there. First thing in the morning, he will sit on the bench or fence looking at me through the side doors, making sure I know he is there for food.
Today has been a lovely one, because I had a lovely long chat with my daughter, whose birthday it is today. I think we managed to put the world to right and had a laugh along the way. There plans for her birthday are on hold for obvious reasons. Both my grandsons are coping with the lockdown at the moment, which is really good, because it cannot be easy keeping two young boys happy, when being stuck indoors. I very much look forward to seeing them all when this is over.
Today was the day to begin the Spring polish. I like to polish and wax the boat twice a year to keep the paintwork ticking along. The Red is hard to look after because it blooms easily if left unpolished. The paintwork is now Twelve years old and although a little thin in places the red is still vibrant. I have made a start and will continue to do some more tomorrow.
I got to have a chat with fellow boaters in the arm of course at a 2 metre distance. It was nice to chat with our nearest neighbour, who is on his own and at high risk because of his age and medical conditions. I just like to know he is doing alright and also chatting to him makes him feel he is not alone. No one wants to feel alone at time like this.

As the number of deaths from the virus in UK has climed to 6,169 deaths, 786 in the past day. The government say they are not seeing "big upswing in cases", which means staying in is making a difference. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep it up. Stay indoors, Save more lives.

Pop back soon xx

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