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Friday 25 November 2016

Christmas is coming.

Hi Friends.

Last night we decided to wrap up again the cold and walk into Warwick to the Victorian Evening and Christmas Lights switch on. Oh my goodness, it was so crowded.
In most places you could hardly breath, let alone see what was going on. Touch FM provided the music and presentation of the evening.
The Christmas lights were lovely though. It was so wonderful to have them all the same colour.
Our Christmas Tree, will not be as large as Warwick's, but just as beautiful.
There were plenty of food, craft and charity stalls, for people looking for a unique gift, but many of them you could not get close to because of the crowds pushing and shoving.
The steam carousal as always was fabulous. As you can imagine the fair ground rides were popular with the children. What I can never understand, is why people feel the need to drag their dogs around something like this. We had a job to move, so the poor dogs were just getting trampled. Leave your dogs at home, where they can relax I say.

St Mary's Church had the Christmas Tree display, but we did not bother going to see it, because the queue was extensive. Having looked around as much as we could see by craning our neck and standing on tip toe, we decided to call it an evening and walk home to the peace and quiet of the boat, where we settled down with a cup of tea to watch 'I'm A Celeb'. Such fun seeing Martin get dethroned. He was clearly not happy and I think a bad loser. You could see that in the drinking task, his heaving was all put on and it certainly did not fool me. Still really loving Scarlett and Larry. Ola was amazing at the drinking task as was Adam, who keeps beating Joel at tasks. Really enjoying this series. 

This morning (Friday) hooray a glimmer of hope that we would see the sunshine for a change. Today was Aldi shopping day, so whilst I stayed home and got the boat clean and tidy, Keith went off with his trolley and rucksack to catch the bus to Aldi. I got loads of jobs done, I put the hoover around, washed the floors and surfaces. Made up the fire and sorted out some more kindling. I re-potted our Spider plant into two pots. The plant had become root bound, so I bet it was breathing better, having been split into two pots. I have it hung in the galley by the galley sink, but Marmite likes to chew the ends, because to her it is grass. It is not doing her any harm, but the plant is looking a bit moth eaten, or should that be cat eaten. Anyway I now have three plants in two pots. No idea where the second pot is going, I have hung it in the engine room for now. 
I was hoping that Keith would be able to get our Christmas Chinese nibbles in Aldi, which are cheaper than Tesco, so I told him if they have them, give me three rings and I will put the small freezer on and have it ready for when you get home. Yayyyy three rings came and I turned the freezer on. Aldi does a 6o piece box of nibbles for £3.99, where as at Tesco you pay £2.00 for a box of 18, so it was a no brainer to get them from Aldi. Not only did he get the Chinese selection, he got the Indian one as well, so we will pick like kings this Christmas.
As I was finishing off my chores, Keith rang me and asked if I could meet him at the bus station, because he needed help with getting the shopping home, so I donned my coat and rucksack and did a swift walk to the bus station, where I beat Keith and the bus. I filled my rucksack with the excess shopping and walked home, whilst Keith caught the G1 bus back to the gate at the Arm (the joys of having a bus pass). I have definitely got my 10,000 steps in today. When I got home, all the shopping was stowed away and I then made us some lunch.
The rest of my day was spent catching up with our friend Jacky in the office, watching F1 practice, doing dinner, lighting the back cabin stove to warm the cabin up a bit before bedtime.
Looking forward to tonight's 'I'm a Celeb'.

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