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Tuesday 8 November 2016

Happy Day's.

Hi Friends.

What a stunner of a morning. -3.9 c over night and a heavy frost on the ground and in fact on everything. Jack Frost had been very busy, waving his finger over the land.
I do so love it when it is frosty. You cannot beat a frosty morning, because you can pretty much be guaranteed that the rest of the day will be fabulous.
Our small pond had a thin layer of ice on the top. We do not have any fish in the pond yet, so no wildlife to worry about. 
When I went out for my walk with Paddy this morning the sun was shining and it was just beautiful. The air always seems so much fresher after a frost as if everything is new.
The Arm's Winter moorer's were waking up to a cold morning and the fires were being lit. There is something comforting when you see the smoke wafting out of the chimneys.
Today is washing day on our boat, so I gathered the washing bag, which was laden down with whites and coloured clothing and headed off to the Arm's laundry.
The Arm's laundry is a godsend, we have three washing machines and three driers, plus a small spin drier, which is brilliant for woolens.
With it being £1 for a quick wash, it is quicker and easier for me to do do one large wash in the laundry, rather than two small washes on the boat in our Candy Compact machine. I rarely use the driers, as I like to either hang my washing out on the line, or I hang it in the engine room and back cabin. 
Whilst in the laundry the postman arrived and he had a parcel for me. It was my replacement Canon 1100D. For those who have not read my posting from a few days ago, My camera fell into the canal and has since died, so I found a replacement on Ebay for a very good price and it has arrived. On opening the box, I found my new camera in extremely good condition, best of all it works perfectly, so I am one very happy lady today. 
Washing all done, it was hung in the engine room and back cabin. Time for coffee and a catch-up on my e-mails, Facebook etc. 
With my replacement camera, it seemed right I should try it out.
Paddy and Marmite certainly know where to find the comfort. They both decided it was in the back cabin, on top of the washing. They both looked so peaceful, so I left them to their afternoon snooze. The back cabin is always so warm and snuggly this time of the year, with the stove lit. 

After lunch, I really did not really feel like doing much, so spent the afternoon watching films on Film4. A delivery man knocked on the boat, he was delivering my card holders or so I thought. When I opened the box, there was only one card holder, so I had to ring the company to find out what had gone a miss. It seems like someone did not read my Ebay order properly. The young woman told me the others would be out for delivery tomorrow, so I hope they arrive. The afternoon has drawn into the evening and it is dark out. I find it so difficult to work out where this year has gone, it has absolutely flown by. I am not a fan of the dark nights coming in early, but it does give us the opportunity to get cosy for the evenings with the fires lit.

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