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Wednesday 2 November 2016

First Frost.

Hi Friends.

November is here and along with it comes the first heavy frost. I do so love frosts and the beautiful days that come with it. Of course we also have to think about the downsides of frost and slippery conditions. I always wear flat, rubber soled shoes at this time of the year, to aid my not falling flat on my back or worse face. It was so lovely out this morning, the air smelt so fresh and all about was white where Jack Frost had lain his fingers. The only thing that would make me happier and that is lots and lots of snow.

Today's list of jobs began with me doing a laundry wash at 8.30 am. I was going to hang it out, but decided it was very unlikely to dry, so once again the engine room and back cabin look like a Chinese laundry.
We then locked the boat up and headed up into the town to try and sort out with my bank, why my Paypal was not talking to my account. The bank as always were very good and tried to sort things out, but it turned out it was the fault of Paypal and so I would have to ring them.
Whilst I went off to get my hair trimmed, Keith went off on the bus using his bus pass to Aldi in Leamington-Spa. I had given him a shopping list and he had his rucksack and trolley with him. This will be his new weekly trip out. We reckon we will save a lot of money doing it this way. Usually I have a fortnightly Tesco delivery, but it has been getting more expensive and we know Aldo is cheaper on many items. The trimming of my hair, is one of the things I do every 8 weeks when we are on the mooring. As it is now down close to my waist, I only ever had a dry trim. The dry trim is because I have allergies to shampoo's so choose to wash my hair myself. You would think that a dry trim, would cost very little, but this time it cost me £13.50 for 5 minutes of snipping. I will be glad when it is a little longer and I can do it myself. I of course realise that hairdressers have to make a living, but I have been given differing prices for a trim and they can vary from the £13.50 to £30. Yes I said £30, I of course said No and that was just within Warwick alone. Hair trimmed it was back to the boat, nattering to the Winter moorers who are with us again this Winter. I love catching-up with folk and hearing about where they have been cruising during the year. We will do a lot more catching-up through the Winter months.

With the days getting darker much quicker, little will get done outside during the afternoons, so I am going to have to make an effort to get all outside jobs done in the mornings. I still have cutting back to do in the garden and I want to cut our hedge.
Christmas is coming friends, so I hope your getting ready for it now hahahahaha.

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