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Saturday 26 November 2016

One Happy Cat.

Hi Friends.

Today's aww photograph is of our Marmite, who is one happy cat, she is incredibly happy today.
The reason for her happiness, is the rag rug she is lying on was made by Keith especially for her. When ever Keith makes a rag rug, she always likes to test it out, so Keith decided to make her, her very own rug and she is a very happy cat. The only problem now is the rug is on my box, which is where the Christmas tree will be going, so not sure how I am going to move her off, I may just have to find another place for the tree, when it goes up next week.

We have been blessed today with sunshine. This is such a nice change from the past few days, where it has been really miserable. Today's tasks were to get rid of our recycling at Sainsbury's and then walk into town to have a wander around the town. I am looking for some Christmas scented candles, so we looked at Yankee Candles, but they are rather expensive. I am a bit loathed to set light to something when you pay £14.99 for it and that is a reduced price. So I will keep looking or maybe not even bother. The market is in full swing towards Christmas, with plenty of gift ideas, not that I was buying because we do not really bother with presents. We decided that we would have a Wetherspoons breakfast, which would sustain us through lunch and into dinner time, before walking back home. 
The TV went on to watch the F1 qualifying from Bahrain. Lewis Hamilton took pole ahead of his team mate Nico Rosberg. Lewis is 12 points behind Nico in the championship, going into this last race of the season and really has an uphill battle to win the championship, but I am sure he will do everything he can to try and wrestle it from Nico. After the qualifying, it was on to Rugby Union, Scotland against Georgia great match 43-16 to Scotland. Georgia put up a great fight, but Scotland were to good for them. As I type Wales are playing South Africa. They are into the second half and Wales are leading 20-6. It is a game which needs to catch fire, because it is boring in places. Thanks to the kicking of Halfpenny and a try by Owens Wales are in the lead. 
I have just lit the back cabin stove, so it is warm for bedtime. There is nothing worse than a cold cabin at bedtime. I always find it hard to sleep if the bed is cold. 
I'm A Celeb again tonight. Last night Danny Baker was the first to leave the jungle. He seemed more than happy to go. I wonder who will be leaving tonight?

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