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Thursday 24 November 2016

Stop lying.

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Hi Friends.

Yet another drab old day. I am beginning to think we will never see the sun again. Mind you it is warmer. I lit the back cabin stove yesterday afternoon, to take the chill off before going to bed and oh boy we were roasting, so it has not been lit today.
I did not wake up until 8 am this morning and had the mother of all heads, due to the medication, but thankfully it subsided after I had eaten breakfast. 
On Monday I cooked a medium chicken and we have been eating the leftovers. Today using up the final pieces of the Aldi chicken, I made us a Thai chicken curry for lunch and a chicken and vegetable soup for dinner. I am not one to waste anything, so the bones were boiled down for stock, which was used in the soup. 
Today in Warwick it is the Victorian Evening, where the Christmas lights get switched on and a market and fair takes place in the market square. It is usually a fabulous evening, where people dress up in Victorian dress, we did it one year. We wore out Victorian boat gear and won a years tickets for Warwick Race Course, which was great fun. They usually have one of the last remaining stem carousels in the market square, it is a beautiful thing.
The title of my post was 'Stop Lying', the reason for this was on the radio this morning, they were discussing about telling white lies to our children and how the biggest lie is about Father Christmas being real. I thought everyone knew he was real, why would he not be?
Apparently according to some professor, we are damaging our children by telling them such lies. I can always remember my Nan saying she could see me through the eyes in the back of her head. Was she lying?
I have even told my children, that Carrots make you see in the dark, so I guess I was lying. 
Why oh why do people feel the need to tell us how to think and do things? 
We have become so PC it is totally out of control. I am 54 and I still believe in Father Christmas, ok so he does not come to me as much as he used too, but he has so many other people who need him more than I do. 
Ok rant over.

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