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Sunday 6 November 2016

Time for the weekend.

Hi Friends.

Having had a miserable day Friday due to the demise of my camera and then finding another one on Ebay to replace it, the weekend had to be better.


A rather nippy start, but it is November after all and many are on the countdown to Christmas. Anyway Christmas aside. having enjoyed a good nights sleep, we were awake at 6.30 am and the kettle went on. We like to sit in bed and watch the news before getting up and doing all the usual things.

Paddy was not that bothered about getting out of his pit, but Marmite was sitting on the engine meowing for her breakfast. Marmite's life is ruled by her stomach and once it is filled she is happy and usually settles down for the day in the warmest place. Once up and about Paddy always get's his walk first, because he usually goes from 6pm the night before till 8am, which is a long time and I often think he must have hallow legs to hang on that long. Our walk took us along the main road and down onto the towpath, where he gets to run free. Because Paddy is now 12 years old and not in the best of health, he never wants to go far, so after about 15 minutes he is ready for home and his breakfast.

After we were all fed and boat chores sorted out, Keith and I were off out. I wanted to go to Love Hand Made at St. Nicholas Church in Warwick to pick up a glass heart, which was made for me by good friend Jan. 
I wanted to tie this in with going to the market to buy fruit, veg and possibly meat, as we have changed our shopping habits. Usually once a fortnight, I would do a Tesco shop which was delivered. But having shopped at Aldi, whilst out this year we realised how much cheaper our shop could be, so now once a week Keith goes off to Aldi with a shopping list and gets our shopping, we have decided to use our wonderful market on Saturdays for our fruit and veg and possibly meat, because there is a super meat wagon. We have only done one shop like this so far, so early days. Anyway we set off for the church and Love Hand Made and I collected my glass heart and a little glass stocking for the Christmas tree. 
It was fabulous catching-up with Jan and other stall holders we know. There are some very talented people out there and I am hoping to be one of them with my photographs. Having spent a good hour nattering and nosing around, we headed off back into Warwick to the market.

I bought a lovely Cauliflower, 3 Carrots, 2 Leeks, half pound Mushrooms, 4 Apples, 5  Satsumas and 3 Bananas and that came to the princely sum of £5.50, which I thought was very good. I also bought a lovely joint of Gammon for £4 for Christmas, that has gone in the freezer. I reckon this will be a weekly thing from now on, because there is nothing nicer than picking your own fruit and veg. It is so easy to take the easy option, by shopping online. The other benefit is the walk there and back, which is also good for us both. Because it is so easy to stay in on a cold old day.

Back home on the boat. Lunch was made and eaten. I made a chicken and mushroom pie on Friday, so it did two days and then just added veg and potatoes. Paddy had a run out across the green and had a quick play with his tennis ball. He does not play for long these days, but he does enjoy me throwing the ball and then going to find it for him. The rest of the day was taken up with chatting to the other boaters and then BBC1 had Rugby Union on Wales against Australia. Wales sadly really did not turn up, they were out played. We then turned over to BBC2 to two watch Rugby League matches. England V Scotland and New Zealand V Australia. England were dreadful first half, but got on top in the second and won the match. New Zealand were out played by Australia in the second match. It was Warwick's Guy Fawkes night and firework display. Thankfully it was a quiet one this year, because we hardly heard a thing. Usually there are huge bangs. Someone opposite the boat had some fireworks, but they did not bother Paddy and Marmite to much, which was great. That was my Saturday, because it was then bed time and I am not going into that.


Blimey really parky this morning. There was a hard frost on the ground and a brisk wind blowing up the Arm, that is the Saltisford Arm and not my arm, although it could have been. I actually donned my down jacket this morning. Now usually I do not really feel the cold, but this morning I was when out walking Paddy.
The morning got off to its usual start, but then the hoover came out and the floors got washed. This always annoys Paddy and Marmite, because they hate the hoover, so they both disappeared into the back cabin.
I then made us a Beef stew and put it in the back cabin stove to cook slowly. It is better cooked slowly through the day and always tastes much nicer. Later in the day, I added veggies and potatoes. Dumplings will be added finally an hour before we eat.
Marmite loves it when both stoves are lit, because she is nice and warm. Her usual snoozing place when the whole of the boat is warm is on top of our gas stove, where I have a cover on top of the glass cover. Marmite absolutely hates it, if I move her off it and I never hear the end of it. 
After lunch, Paddy and I went out to play ball on the green. He only managed a couple of throws today, the poor boy is slowing up and he actually forgets where I have thrown the ball, so I end up going to get it for him, either that or it is his ploy to get me running around after him.
I know, I will be doing very little else today, other than watching films, making dinner and then away to my bed, so I will sign off now.

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