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Thursday 10 November 2016

Day trip to Leamington-Spa.

Hi Friends.

The weather is without a doubt getting on the chilly side, with heavy frosts and a cold breeze, but it also brings the joy of Autumn colours, cosy fires and a warm back cabin to go to bed in of a night, so what is there not to like.

Today we were off on a day out to Leamington-Spa to catch-up with our dear friend Maxine. The idea was to meet up with Maxine at a constituency boundaries meeting, which will affect our MP Chris White. We arrived in Leamington-Spa and did a bit of shopping first, because I needed a new tin opener, because the handle had snapped off our old one. I obviously do not know my own strength. That was bought in Argos, because they were the cheapest. We also went into Poundland and got a few items. Pretty much all of the shops now are geared up for Christmas, we were even treated to Christmas music, which is darn annoying when it is only November. Anyway that aside, we got our bit of shopping down and headed off to the constituency boundaries meeting, signed in and crept to a seat, because there was someone already speaking. I have to say it all goes a little over my head, but as Chris White is our MP and gets involved with the Arm, we like to support him. Within 10 minutes the meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes whilst they waited for another speaker to arrive. When he or another speaker failed to turn up, they adjourned the meeting for a further 25 minutes, which was our time to leave, because we saw no point in hanging around for someone who may or may not turn up, so we said our "goodbyes" to Chris and left with Maxine to head for our favourite Chinese Buffet. We had a fabulous catch-up over lunch, which always leaves me very full and then in no need for food for the rest of the day. After a wonderful lunch and natter, Maxine had to get off home and we had further shopping to do. We did the usual Charity shop saunter and then headed off out of town to Aldi. The walk was a good way of working off the calories we had put on with our lunch. Shopping done at Aldi, we walked back to the bus stop, where a huge dark cloud was looming over head and we just knew at some point we would get wet, so we decided to take the number 17 bus back to Warwick town bus station and then change over to the G1 to the bus stop outside of the Arm. As we made it towards Warwick the rain began to fall, but with it came an incredibly stunning double rainbow. I just wish I had my camera with me to take a photograph. We got to the bus station and the G1 bus was already in, so we crossed the bus station and straight on to our next bus.
Back on the boat, I unpacked the shopped and stowed it away and made a much needed coffee. The rest of my evening will be with my feet up.

Before I leave a reminder that drinking and boating do not mix. It was with great sadness that yesterday I heard that a gentleman we had met and traveled with this year has died. He was found in the canal, having drunk to much. This is not the first fatality we have heard of this way and sadly I know it will not be the last. Please stay safe out there.

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