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Wednesday 23 November 2016

Fish and Chip Wednesday.

Hi Friends.

Yet another doom and gloomy start. Where has the sunshine gone?
I wish the sunshine would come back, because our solar lights need charging. I would prefer it to be crisp and frosty, but I suppose beggars cannot be choosers.
I woke with a head throbbing, just as if I had a hangover. I have only ever had one hangover in my life and that as after my 18th Birthday. I am being completely honest about this, I do not do drunk after that birthday, when I was so ill and had to go to work. I vowed never to do it again, and I have stuck to it, mainly because I do not like the feeling and also because I like to remember what I have been doing. Anyway I woke up with such a head this morning and it was all due to the two Amitriptyline 10mg tablets I took last night. So I am guessing I will be like this for the next week, which is how long I have to take two at night, before reducing it back down to one a night. Brain fog was definitely evident this morning as I lumbered out of bed to make a cup of tea.

Having done all the usual morning things, I had to walk up to the surgery to pick up my prescription and then walk into town to collect more of the Amitriptyline 10mg tablets, which are supposed to last me over Christmas and the New Year. The walk did not improve my head much, so I spoke to Andrew the pharmacist to see if I could take Paracetamol as well as the Amitriptyline. Apparently it is fine to combine the two, so that was what I would be doing if this head does not improve.
Yesterday's drama in the Laundry Room was being fixed. The drama was the boiler sprung a leak, which meant their was water on the floor in the freezer room, which then seeped into the Laundry. I found it when I went to get the post. Our site manager turned the water off and today the plumber is in changing the boiler over. The Laundry has certainly had its problems this year.
The car park is being dug up to improve the drainage. When it rains the car park tends to have huge puddles in it and is like an ice rink when it freezes, so the site manager and volunteers are digging holes to help the drainage. Of course to do this job a digger is required, so it is boys and their toys at the moment.
Lunch today was a Fish and Chip lunch for the volunteers, which is a way of saying "Thank You" for all the hard work the volunteers put in. We all sat in the shop around the table and enjoyed a lovely lunch and each others company. I have been unable to do much volunteering since we came back from cruising, because of my ribs, sternum and hernia, but as soon as it is more comfortable, I will be back out gardening. There is nothing nicer than good old Fish and Chips, with lashings of Vinegar and a sprinkling of salt.

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