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Tuesday 22 November 2016

Wet, wet, wet.

Cute photograph for today.

Hi Friends.

Blimey what a day we had yesterday weather wise. According to our rain gauge we had 25 mm of rain. It certainly filled the canal up, because we had to loosen off ropes because we were listing. That is not a job to be doing when it is hacking it down with rain, but needs must. With the boat back on an even keel, there was little to be done, but get some knitting of dishcloths done for my stock for next year. They sell so well, that I like to keep a my stock up and doing them over the Winter is a great time to do them. 
I had a parcel arrive yesterday, which got me excited, because my micro fairy lights had arrived, all be it later than advertised. I was a little worried that they had turned up in a rather small jiffy bag and there was no protective packaging around the lights or plug. Oh joy the lights did not work :-(. Photographs taken of of the problem, which was a broken wire, I am now waiting on a reply to my complaint. If all else fails then Ebay will be sorting the problem out after the 25th November. I am a fan of fairy lights, I have them up in the back cabin and of course they are not just for Christmas these days. There is something about having fairy lights up, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
With the back cabin stove going, I put a chicken in the oven and let it cook slowly all day. By the time we had it for dinner, it was falling off the bone and absolutely beautiful. 
I spent the afternoon, knitting and watching films on the TV as the rain continued to hammer down on the roof of the boat. It kind of stopped in time to take Paddy out for his evening walk, but by then it was dark, all in all a drab old day, but at least we were snug and cosy on the boat.

This morning I was woken up by a very loud cat fight going on opposite the boat. They were going at it hammer and tongs. We do get cats in the Arm from the housing estate, which backs on to the Arm, so I am thinking it was a couple of them causing the fur to fly. There was nothing for it, but to make my first cuppa of the day and to them watch the morning news on BBC1. One of the stories was about updating Fairy Tales. WHAT?, why would you want to change the old tales, which we all grew up on. That is like saying Hans Christian Anderson was never a write or did not exist. Why oh why do we have to pander to those who think we need to wrap our children in cotton wool. Hands off our Fairy Tales.

Yet another damp and dreary start to the day. Today is laundry day, so with laundry bag and money I headed to the laundrette to get the washing done, whilst Keith sorted out our new BT hub, which has arrived to give us a better speed. From what I understand we have gone over to Fibre Optic instead of copper and this should give us a better speed and unlimited playing on the internet. Washing done and hung in the engine room, it was time for coffee and a bit of knitting.
This afternoon, I spoke to my GP and I am to stay on my medication till after Christmas, because I am still uncomfortable. He has asked me to increase the dosage to two tablets a night for a week, then cut it back down to one a night, to hopefully settle everything down completely. I also have to remain on my two a day Omeprazole till after Christmas, when I can then cut it back again to one a day. Darn and double darn, this means no drinking for me over Christmas, not that I am a big drinker, but I like a glass of wine or a beer. Never mind, I need to get this discomfort under control first.
It has been another day of doing very little, but it does mean I get to sit and knit and watch films. I'm A Celeb is on tonight, we will see just how well Danny and Adam get on with the trial ☺☺☺.
Marmite obviously wanted some comfort this afternoon, because she wanted to lie on Paddy.
When she was fed up with Paddy, she decided to try her new rag rug out. Keith is making a rag rug for her, because she loves the ones he has for sale. 

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