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Saturday 19 November 2016

Weekend is here.

Hi Friends.

Brrrrrr chilly old start to Saturday, but with it comes the sunshine, and Jack Frosts been hard at work. The down side to Jack Frost paying us a visit, is it makes the ground slippery under foot, which when you have brain fog can make walking fun. I seriously had to think carefully where I put my feet, so I chose to walk on the grass rather than through the car park, when I took Paddy for his morning stroll.
Going back to Friday night. I take Paddy out for his last wee's before bedtime and he was less than happy at having to get out of the boat, so I had to lift him up the steps. This is a clear sign that things are going downhill for the old man, who has and continues to give us so much joy. I suppose we must realise, that he is 12 years old, but in doggy years that makes him 84 years old. I can well imagine that if I make it to 84 years old, I will struggle up the steps as well. Children in Need was totally amazing, sadly we did not watch it all, because our bed was calling. But well done to everyone.

Back to today. Paddy was fine getting out of the boat, but like me he does not do slippery surfaces to well. He made sure it was a short walk, by quickly doing what he needed to do and then doing an about turn and headed for the boat. He always looks forward to his breakfast biscuits which are usually four shape biscuits of different colours. Marmite has her tinned meat and her biscuit bowl topped up, which always makes her happy.

List of jobs for the day were as follows:
Walk into town to get my Winter boots re-healed.
Watching the TV.

I know my list was not a big one, but it was enough for me to be doing when I am still coping with brain fog.
We did walk into town first thing, so I could get my winter boots re-healed. I love these boots, they have been with me for 16 years and I have had a couple of sets of heals done and one pair of new soles, but the tops are like new. Good old Marks and Sparks. I bought them when I started working for M&S as a Christmas worker. I ended up working for them for 4 years. My boots were the best thing I ever bought. I took the boots into Timpson's, and was told he could have them done in an hour, which was perfect for me. I handed my boots over and £10.95 and left them in the gentleman's care. Keith and I walked around the market, where he bought a new tank top. It was a vibrant market today, as everyone is getting in to their Christmas shopping. I bought three cards for special friends. We ended up going into Wetherspoons for a cup of tea, before we went and collected my nicely repaired boots.
Christmas preparations have begun in the Arm, because the tree has gone up in front of the Cedar Room, thanks to Ian our site manager.
Back home, Marmite and Paddy were very happy to see us as always. Marmite always sounds like she is giving us the Spanish inquisition, because she continually meows, as if we are supposed to know what she is saying. I reckon she is asking where and have we been and what have we been doing.
Lunch was put on, we had the remainder of the Cottage Pie, with Cauliflower and Carrots. I then re-lit the back cabin stove, because it was chilly and I hate it when everything feels damp.
The rest of my afternoon was spent watching Winchester 73 with James Stewart and made in Black and White in 1950. It was then time for the Rugby Union, Wales against Japan and Scotland against Argentina, with a sprinkling of Andy Murray against Raonic, Murray coming out of that brutal match the victor.

I wonder what Sunday will have in store.

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