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Monday 28 November 2016

One of those days.

Cute photograph for Sunday.

Hi Friends.

Yesterday did not finish well. In a previous posting I said about by our Chinese nibbles for Christmas and putting them in our freezer, well last night I was curious as to why the freezer light had not gone out, so opened the freezer door to check everything was freezing, only to find it had all in fact thawed out arghhhhh. The freezer was not actually freezing. The fan and the compressor were working but no frost to be seen. So the Christmas nibbles have ended up in the bin, which is annoying to say the least, but worse things happen.

This morning, we set about trying to find the cause for the freezer issue, so Keith pulled out our fridge/freezer to take the alarm wire off of it to fit it to the freezer as we hoped it would give us a clue as to its problem. Whilst taking the wire off, the fridge/freezer stopped working and then something broke off and so now we do not have a fridge/freezer either arghhhh, hence the title of this posting being one of those days. Thankfully the food in the freezer part of the fridge/freezer has found a home in freezers of our neighbour's, which we are thankful for. The food in the fridge is in the hold, which is just as cold as the fridge, so that will be fine for a few days hopefully. With it being Sunday, we could not get anyone out to do a repair to both appliances, so we will have to wait for Monday. This Christmas time is going to be expensive, I feel it in my water. Things always seem to happen in three's, so I am hopeful that is it now. Generator is playing up, no freezer and no fridge/freezer equals expensive.
Lunch today was things we could not fit in our neighbour's freezers, so a bit of a mixture, but was still scrummy.
Being a Sunday I did little else, apart from the usual boating stuff, of keeping the home fires burning, washing up, tidying up and then watching F1's final race of the season from Bahrain. Despite Lewis Hamilton's best efforts, Nico Rosberg won the championship, but you can bet your bottom dollar or pound coin, that Lewis will make sure he gets the title back next year. Great race, right to the end. After the race, we turned over to watch 'Calamity Jane' with Doris Day and then 'Deep Impact' with a young Elijah Wood. One of the world is going to end film's, but worth a watch again, as it had been sometime since we had watched it.

7.30 pm, we shut the boat up and headed off to The Punch Bowl for quiz night and to drown my sorrows in a pint of Coke Cola, as I am still taking medication, which does not agree with a pint of beer. Joining Keith and I for the quiz were Maria and Nigel. There were Five teams this week, so we were Four teams down this week. The picture round was a nightmare, it was album covers and the artist, we did not do very well with that. In all we had five round, which included Geography, Music, General Knowledge, TV and Film. Great evening and once again we came third, which is at least consistent.
Back home, we had a cuppa before heading off to bed.

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