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Monday 21 November 2016

Who the heck?

Cute picture for a Sunday. Not taken by me.

Hi Friends.

Sunday and a miserable start, weather wise.
I have been avoiding watching X-Factor for the past couple of years, because to me it has gotten ridiculous. Considering it is supposed to be a singing competition, which can change peoples lives, I got fed up with the comedic acts which always get through and clearly the people have no real talent. Well Saturday night whilst waiting for I'm A Celebrity" to come on, I caught the last half an hour of X-Factor. Who the heck is Honey G?
Sorry I know she has probably got her fan's, but I am definitely not one of them. Can't sing and cannot dance, so why on earth vote for her? This is why I do not watch X-Factor anymore. 9 pm and it was time for I'm A Celebrity hooray. The cracks are beginning to appear in camp, after the celebrities were split into two teams to compete with each other. Martin Roberts looks like he is the first one to really crack, after his argument with Danny Baker and now he has to do the next challenge, which we all know he will scream like a girl. Well done to those who voted for him to do the challenge. I am so loving Scarlett, who is actually stronger than she knows. Cannot wait for tonight's episode.
Sunday was going to be a day of doing very little, and it actually turned out that way. We watch the Colditz Story on Film4 and then the Rugby League final between Australia and New Zealand, which was a one sided affair. In between times I made coffee, cooked lunch and ate Liquorice Allsorts, which I seem to be addicted to at the moment. We got invited to go to a quiz evening at The Punch Bowl pub in Warwick, so at 7.30 pm we set off to the pub with Maria and Nigel for an evening of brain stretching. Before the quiz started we watched the end of the Tennis final between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, which Andy won, meaning he is in the number 1 position for the rest of this year. It is a huge achievement for him, but also his brother Jamie is number 1 in the double with his partner Bruno Soares. What an amazing feat and congratulations to them all. Match over it was time for the quiz to begin with different rounds and a super quiz. We had a picture, recent news, sports, history, music and super quiz and general knowledge rounds and at the end of it our group of four came third overall out of nine teams. To say we were shocked was a bit of an understatement, because for most of the quiz night we were second from the bottom, but we played our Joker card for the General Knowledge round and that gave us double points. I guess the only way is up, but if we get to the top it will be hard to stay there. Great couple of hours of fun and it was great to stretch the brain cells a little.
It was gone 11 pm by the time we got back to the boat, but I was in need of a cuppa having only had a diet coke drink, as I am on medication. By the time we had our cuppa and watched a bit of 47 Ronan it was 11.45 pm before we headed off to bed, this is late for me as I am usually in bed at 10 pm, but I did not actually feel that tired.

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