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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Day 5: Jobs and deliveries.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Not such a noisy start to the day, but the roadwork was still going ahead. Up and about, today was all about getting our food deliveries. We had a meat delivery coming from The Meat Room and a fruit, veg, bread and milk delivery from a local pub The Four Penny Pub coming.
The sun was out and above the roadworks, the birds were singing. I decided that today was the day to start the weeding.
There is quite a lot of weeding to do, but as I have nothing else pending on my to do list, after morning coffee I made a start. It was both giving me fresh air and some exercise, which is much needed for my own sanity.
A Bumble Bee was mooching around the garden. It was so lovely to have them back and I hope that as my flowers bloom, they will find a good supply of food.
Mr/Mrs Bank Vole put in an appearance, in order to tuck into some breakfast I had laid on. It is lovely to see them again and to know they are still happily living in the wood pile.
Come midday, we were just sat down tucking into our lunch, when our site manager rang to say there was a parcel being delivered for me at the gate and so I had to drop lunch (not literally) and run out to the car park, where The Meat Room delivery van had just pulled up with my order. Order handed over and many thanks exchanged, I did ask why he had not rung my phone number, because the site manager is not on site. His answer was " They did not put your number on the bag". I had given them my phone number three times, with strict instructions to ring me. Anyway no harm done, apart from ringing the site manager at home. I guess we have to give them a bit of slack, because they had 270 deliveries to make today. Back onboard I got all the meat wrapped and put into the small freezer we have onboard. I have a feeling the freezer is going to come in handy. Lunch finished, it was time to think about doing something else and that was crocheting blankets for the Collies at The Border Collie Trust GB.
A few days ago I received the card above from The Border Collie Trust GB, thanking me for the blankets I have made and sent them. It was so lovely to receive this small token of their appreciation and to know the blankets are being put to good use. I have plenty of wool onboard, so I will be busy for quite sometime.
Whilst crocheting, I got a call to say our fruit and veg order was 10 minutes away. I put down the crochet and headed out to the car park to await our delivery. For any deliveries we have to unlock the gate and then lock it once the delivery has been made, so that we keep the general public out.
Ellie from The Four Penny Pub bought our box of fruit and veg for two, plus milk and bread. I am so pleased with the contents. We have:
Half Cucumber.
2 Bananas.
2 Apples.
1 Orange.
1 Lemon and Lime. (cakes to bake)
1 Leek.
2 Baking Potatoes.
Small bag of new potatoes.
2 large Onions.
This will last us a few days at least, along with the meat delivery.
Crocheting put on hold, I took a trip to the on site laundry to get a large wash done. I can wash the smaller things onboard, but our small washer does not like the towels, bedding and heavier clothing.
It has been a good day in so many ways today.

To finish with I copied this from a friends Facebook page and it kind of say's it all.

Just imagine when all this is over, imagine the day when Boris Johnson comes on TV and says 'lockdown is over, its lifted, as a nation we've done it.'

Imagine the British public running outside their houses, hugging each other. Imagine ringing your nan & saying 'Pop kettle on, I'm on my way.'

Imagine been able to see your family face to face rather than through a window or a face time call.

Imagine going into the pub and; grabbing a pint... Sitting in the beer garden taking in the rays (or the rain, cause sods law it'll rain)

Imagine walking into supermarket and; been able to buy toilet roll, pasta and; all other life's essentials that we always took for granted.

Imagine driving down the road and; being able to pull in at Maccy D's for your Big Mac fix. Or going to your favourite restaurant.

Imagine going to the cinema and out for food on date night.

Imagine all the street parties, the first day of doing what you want.

Cause it might be awful right now, but if there's anything that will get us all through... It'll be how we will all feel when it's all over ❤️

And I cannot wait for this day!, its only been a week and I miss my family, friends so much ❤

Pop back soon xxx

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