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Tuesday 12 January 2010

Careful what you wish for.

No one can have failed to know how cold it has been of late. You would have to be on another planet not to realise. I wanted snow and I got snow. it was not as much as I would have liked, but at least we have had some. With the temperature not getting much above freezing at the moment, I am trying to make sure everyone is kept warm by selling coal, so when a young man and his dog came calling last night for a bag of coal, I climbed out of a nice warm cabin and deposited a bag of coal on the towpath for him. I did offer the services of my barrow, but he felt sure he could make it back to his boat with the coal on his shoulder. I actually think his dog could have pulled him a long the towpath at the same time.
Having closed the door behind him we settled in for the night, with bugger all on the TV. It was time for yet another DVD. This time we sat and watch Outlaw Josy Wales. After that was done, we headed off to bed in a cosy back cabin. Not a peep was heard until the other half climbed over me to head for the bathroom. Once I am woken that is it, I am awake. So I then got up and riddled both fires and stoked them up, so that we were nice and warm. The kettle was soon boiling for an early morning cuppa. As I lay in bed, I could here the Swans moving around on the ice. They are now down to a pool of around 4ft square. Luckily for them people are feeding them on a reguarl basis. We both snuggled down and dropped off to sleep again until 8.15am, when I knew it was time to get dressed and get the morning chores done. First was breakfast, which consisted of cereal this morning. Next the dog needed walking in the winter wonderland. By golly it was cold as there is a breeze today. After all of the chores were done, we walked down the town to pick up a breakfast voucher that we won on the local HFM radio. We will be enjoying a full English breakfast at the end of the week for free at The Bell Inn, Market Harborough. Whilst at the radio station we were given a guided tour by Dave and Moley two of the stations DJ's. After a nice coffee and a long chat we had to be on our way, as we were in need a food, because the fridge and cupboards are looking bare. Having got back from the supermarket, there is always the job of putting it all away. I always find that the boring bit.
If I think about it this past few days have been extremely busy for me. I had to collect my glasses, which were in after having new lenses put in. With old age, comes failing eyes it seems. Going down into town can be a dangerous affair. The council may have been gritting the roads, but the pavements are absolutely lethal at the moment. For the elderly or infirmed walking around in the town would be so dangerous. You feel like your taking your life in your hands. Hubby then had to go back to the doctors and was told to prepare himself for an operation. He is back on antibiotics until his next hospital visit. I seem to be have been doing a lot of things but getting no where fast.
Do you ever have that feeling?
I had to clean the back cabin stoves chimney. I like to do it every couple of weeks, to stop the build up of tar and soot, as it can block the chimney, especially as we burn housecoal on the back stove. I always end up looking like I have been down a coal mine, when I have finished the task. But thats just one of the chores of a boatwoman.
I went stick collecting. At night when I have made up the back stove, I always put a layer of sticks on top of the coal, which helps to keep the fire in overnight. I therefore go out collecting sticks from the headrows. I am sure people think I am a little mad, but it really does work.
So now that the weather seems to be warming up everso slightly, we will have the thaw and along with that will no doubt come flooding. Oh the joys of the British weather.
I think I have rambled on enough for the moment, so I am now going to get myself another coffee, before thinking about tonights dinner.

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