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Saturday 23 January 2010

Change of plan.

Hi Folks.

Before I begin rambling, I will give you the answer to the Brain Teaser. It was MONEY.

So what have I been doing this past few days. Well it has been a somewhat hectic time. I said in my last post that I get bored when not moving, well that may get worse, because we are now not moving for sometime, because hubby is waiting to go into hospital for an operation, but we are waiting for the hospital to get their finger out.
Hubby has been taking his Morphine at 30mg, four times a day, but that did nothing, so he has been taking 60mg, four times a day, which has given him some relief from his pain.
Thursday we got the chance to speak to the canal basin manager and she agreed to give us a mooring for the duration of hubby's treatment. So having moved a couple of boats around, we fired up the boat and moved her into the basin and on to a mooring, which gives us a landline, water and a sanitary station to use. I now feel happier, because if hubby goes into hospital, I know I have all I need. Hubby had to go to the dentist, because two of his filling had decided to fall out. He knows he is totally to blame for the expense his teeth cost us, because he never looked after then when he was younger. I reckon the money we have spent on his teeth, this past couple of years, could have paid for a holiday abroad ;0).
Friday we were up at 5.45am to get ready for a trip to Kettering Hospital. We got up had breakfast, I then walked the dog and at 7am we set off for the Railway Station on foot. It is a 20 minute walk from where we are. We caught the train and arroved at Kettering Station 15 minutes later. From there we caught a taxi to the hospital. As we were early we went and got a coffee. We booked into the Urology Clinic and hubby had his test done. We then got the chance to chat to the Charge Nurse, who was concerned about the amount of pain hubby was in and so she managed to get us an appointment with the consultant, but that is 3 weeks off. But at least it is progress. We left the hospital feeling much happier knowing he will be seen. As we had time to kill before the train home, we walked around Kettering in the rain, before having some lunch at a Chinese Buffet, which we have used before. £6.50 each for all you can eat. The place was empty when we arrived, but then a party of thirty from a funeral turned up and the place was heaving suddenly and we felt the need to rush to the buffet to get served, before we were standing at the end of a very long queue LOL. The food was excellent and we came out of there pleasantly full. The stroll back to the Railway Station helped us to walk the meal off. By the time we got to the platform, it was raining heavily. So having arrived back at Market Harborough, we caught a taxi back to the boat, as there was no point us getting soaked to the skin. We both felt totally worn out. No sooner we had settled in for the evening, there was a knock on the boat, from someone wanting coal. It was as much as I could do, to get out of my chair to serve them. But a customer always comes first. As the evening wore onI had a job to keep my eyes open and by 10pm I was off to my bed.
This morning (Saturday), after a lovely sleep. I do feel somewhat refreshed and ready for whatever the day has to offer. Firstly the dog needed his walk. Then came breakfast and a nice cuppa. We spent sometime chatting to the other boaters in the basin, who wanted to know how things had gone at the hospital. It makes a change to chat about something other than boating. Talking of boating. Two hireboats left the basin, heading to Alvechurch for painting and were said to be breaking ice on their way to Foxton, so it seems there is still ice around. Having made it back to the boat, I loaded the washing machine with another load of washing. Because we are on a landline, it gives me the chance to get all of our washing and drying done. it is such a treat, but I know I must not get to dependant on it, otherwise I will not want to leave ha ha ha.
Last week we upgraded our phones and I got the Sony Ericsson T700, which after a couple of days, decided I did not like it, so O2 said they would exchange it. I rang the shop and they said my new phone was in. I have gone for the Sony Ericsson W595 like hubby. So we walked down and collected it. I would not have dragged him out, but as it is his contract he had to sign for it. I also picked up a new cooking pot for the back cabin stove. Because the stove cooker is tiny. It is more difficult to find suitable pots, but I found one in a local coooking shop. Back onboard, it was time for lunch, which consisted of Tomato soup, bread and butter, with a slice of fruit cake afterwards. Being on a landline has given me another treat. The use of a hoover, is only ever reserved for when we are on a landline. At all other times I use a dustpan and brush. I hoovered the back cabin, engine room and through to the saloon, it was heaven to see the floor, dog hair free for a change. At the moment the tumble drier is on the go again. This time it is drying towels and flannels. I have a lamb joint cooking in the back cabin stove and the smell is mmmmmm yummy. We will have that with veg and potatoes for dinner this evening. I am now uploading all my music on to my new phone, which is fabulous.
This past couple of days seems to have been manic, so I am hoping for a quieter week next week. I know Monday we have an early appointment with the GP for hubby, after that we will see what the week has to offer.

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