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Thursday 28 January 2010

Not so glamorous

Hi Folks.

If you ever see a narrowboat and think that life on the waterways must be so glamourous, you can defintely think again. Because most of the time you are covered in dirt, or grease from a locks paddle gear. I grew up a tomboy. I was always climbing trees and getting dirty knees. So moving on to our working boat was never going to be difficult for me. I am not adverse to hard work. I am not a woman who loves handbags or high heel shoes. In fact I do not even wear a lot of make up and in my job these days, make up is not at the top of of my must wear list. These days I spend my life in cord trousers and baggy shirts, with steel toe cap shoes. I have never had my nails done, and looking at them today they would need a magical spell cast over them to make them look half decent.
Lets take today. I have spent much of my morning in the hold moving coal bags from one end to the other, ready for a new delivery next week. Not only that I have been delivering coal to customers, so high heels and short skirts would never work. Thinking back the shortest thing I ever wore was in my teens when I had a pair of hot pants. They were Red and White ones. (Funny what you recall). I love my life and would not do anything else, but it is not for everyone. So if you like high heeled shoes and pale clothing, this life may not be for you.
I recall an incident a couple of years ago, when we were waiting to use a lock. There was a hire boat entering the lock at the time. Two women got off the boat in White trousers and Pink tops, with manicured nails and sling back shoes. I took one look and thought that this is going to end in disaster. One of the women was trying to operate the paddle gear whilst chatting on her phone. Now I know women can multi task, but this was so dangerous. Anyway as she finished her phone call, a holla of horror went up. Her friend asked her what the matter was and the reply back was " I have broken my finger nail". That told me everything and I still think to this day, they will never hire a boat again.
If your thinking of hiring a boat or even buying your own boat. The best clothing you can have is old clothing. Buy stuff from a Charity Shop, because if you trash it, you can then bin it. Always have good waterproofs and non slip footwear, or good walking boots. Ok you may not look glamorous, but you will be comfortable, warm and dry. Save your high heels and posh clothing for another time.

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