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Wednesday 20 January 2010

Something to do.

I am sitting here bored out of my brain. This is how I get when we are not moving. So I have spent most of my day surfing the net and playing on Facebook. I really must get a life LOL.
If your feeling bored, why not have a go at this brain teaser.

To most I am everything,

Yet to many I am missing.

To most I give power and health,

Yet to many I bring grief and death.

What am I?
I will give you the answer tomorrow.
A dear and valued friend down in Hampshire text me and told me it is snowing hard down there, and it makes me so jealous. I would love more snow to come here. After all if we have to be stranded, then we just as well go the whole hog and be snowed in as well. It is very grey outside, so grey infect that we have our lights on in the saloon. But no signs of any snow just yet.

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