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Sunday 31 January 2010

Not a pretty sight.

Good afternoon friends.

Another cold morning after -4.6c overnight. So picture this. It's 6.40am you get up to visit the bathroom, when walking into the galley, you step into something cold and wet. Oh yesssss. Having put the light on, I learnt the full horror beneath my foot. Paddy had given me back his dinner from the previous evening. Deep joy. The poor boy now has the enjoyment of an upset stomach to go a long with throwing up. I know exactly what has caused it. He has a hide bone once a month and for some reason, he has not digested it properly, so it has upset his stomach, resulting in a lovely mess. Tonight he will be having some yoghurt in his dinner.

Having cleaned up after him. I did manage to go back to bed for another couple of hours, by which time the saloon fire was almost out, so that had been revived with some sticks and a firelighter. It is now nice and cosy in the saloon, as is the rest of the boat. Sausages are cooking in the back stove, for tonights dinner. They will be going into a casserole. I did get the towels washed and dried this morning. This is the luxury of being on a landline, you can use the washing machine and tumble drier as much as you like. Unlike when we are on the move and I use the washing machine sparingly. The drier does not get used at all, because the engine room is wonderful for drying, when the engine is running.

Due to the heavy frosts from the past couple of nights. The canal is frozen again, but at the moment it has not stopped people moving. Boats were moving yesterday and this morning a newly painted hireboat arrived back from Alvechurch. By the look of the weather forecast, it is going to remain cold for the next couple of days at least. We even had a quick flurry of snow. I was of course hoping for more, but it was to no avail.

Sunday's always seem so dull in comparison to the rest of the week. But we forget that years ago, Sundays were purely for going to church or spending with family. These days, people work, shop, go to church and much more, so how on earth can Sunday's be considered dull and boring?

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