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Thursday 14 January 2010

Never a dull moment,

There is never a dull moment with living on a boat. This morning yet again we woke up to a frozen canal, but this time it was also very foggy. But life goes on and things have to be done. At least I slept better last night and did not wake properly until 7am, when hubby was climbing over me to get to the toilet. Because we sleep in the Boatman's cabin, he sleeps closest to the stove, which means he has to climb over me to go anywhere. I would be no use me sleeping by the stove at the moment, with the menopausal night sweats that I am getting. We were up by 8.30am and Paddy was walked a long a slushy towpath.

I am not so keen on this weather when it turns slushy. I prefer it hard and frostie. The weather people are saying we are now heading for a thaw ;0(.
So with the mutt walked and a cuppa downed, we headed off to collect post from the office. We had ordered some games for our nintendos and they were in. After a nice chat with everyone in the office, we headed down into town for a Full English breakfast, which we had won on the local radio station.

I have to say it was absolutely fabulous. We really did enjoy it. It was such a treat having breakfast cooked for us and no washing up to do yippee. On our way home we were invited on to a boat for a coffee with some winter moorers. They have just had this boat built and were happy to give us a guided tour.
But with a treat comes hard work and no sooner had we got back to the boat, I had a voicemail requesting coal, so we donned our Donkey jackets and delved into the hold to unload 6 bags of Housecoal, we also took off two bags of Taybrite for a customer who is coming to collect it later. Being frozen in has not stopped coal sales for us. People have been only to happy to come to us by car. Having loaded the customers car with his coal, it was back to the boat to clean up. I tend to look like I have been down a coalmine most of the time.
Being a coalwoman means I do not have my nails done, or wear expensive clothing, because it would all get totally ruined. Thankfully I am not a girlie, girl and these things do not bother me.
With deliveries done, it is now time to sit down with a coffee and a chocolate bar. Ohhhhhh mmmmm the pleasure.

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