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Tuesday 5 January 2010

A New Year. A New Start.

So here I am sitting thinking about what I should write. For starters I am not from a boating dynasty. I am from a farming background, where hard work was at the top of the list of daily duties. Bad weather was next, as more often than not it rained, was cold and dirty. So in some respects it was the perfect audition for being a boatwoman. I never realised that this would be my destiny, but in 2005 it became my life and in 2007 I became a working boatwoman, lock, stock and barrel. It is hard work, but also rewarding. I get to view the world through those so called rose coloured glasses and love every moment of it, because it is true I do love it all, even those days when I ache all over and am black from head to foot from the coal dust. So this is going to be my journal of how this modern day boatwoman copes with the trials and tribulations of each day. You will have to cope with the spelling mistakes and bad punctuation and if it bothers you to much then I will understand if you do not come back. So I hope you enjoy reading my journal, which in some respects will be my life history from now on.
2010 is here and we have said goodbye to the noughties, which was infact good to me in many ways. It gave me a divorce and a marrige, the marriage to my 2nd husband being the best thing that ever happened to me. It also gave me a hysterectomy and a knee operation, now some may feel thats not good, but for me they were both excellent, because they gave me the chance to get on with living life to the full.
Living life as a Boatwoman is not easy. Infact it is bloody hardwork, but I am not worried about that. I love humping coal....... NO not that sort of humping..... I mean lifting and throwing bags of coal. I may only be 5ft tall, but I can cope very well with 25kg bags of coal. This winter alone I have humped over 8 tonne of coal and we still have a lot of the winter to go. At the moment I am frozen in and going no where, but hey there are worst things in life. Being stuck does not stop me doing my job. There are also things on the boat that need tending to. The first of them was today. I took down the Christmas decorations, and down with them came the dust... cough, cough. The boat now looks bare, but clean.
So here I am for 2010. I do hope to blog daily, but that will depend on time and signal, so don't go to far away. Stay safe in this weather.

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