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Tuesday 19 January 2010

Coming and going.

Hi Folks.
Well what a couple of days we have had.
Lets begin with yesterday. Having done all the usual morning jobs. I delivered some coal to customer and we then made the decision to move.
Due to the fact that the basin here has thawed and so has some of the canal, we decided we would take a run to Foxton. Ha ha yeah well that was the idea. We set off and all was fine, until we hit some ice about 1 inch thick was no problem. Our next problem then turned out to be a boater, who was visiting another boater on his boat. He got very uppity about the fact that we were going his way and did we know what we were doing. Our reply to that was "Yes, we knew exactly what we were doing and his boat would be perfectly safe". He began to shout about the fact that his boat is 30 years old and we would sink it by going past it with ice on the canal, which is just not so. There was a lot said, but it boils down to the fact that this person, does not maintain his boat and has his licence paid for by the council, plus the fact he does not move enough. He admitted that he cannot afford to maintain his boat. Well that is not our problem. If that is the case then he should not be on the water. Moving when the canal is frozen is not a problem if you know what you are doing, which we do. Not only that we like all the other coal boats out there have people to serve. So we carried on our way, leaving him to mull over what we had said. As it turned out we never reached his boat, because after 2 hours of moving, we gave up because the ice was getting thicker and thicker. By the time we stopped it was 3 inches thick. So that was yesterday.
This morning the ice was no thinner and hubby was not feeling that great, so having done all the jobs, I went of stick collecting, as our supply was very low, we then untied the boat and set about winding her, so that we could go back to Market Harborough. The winding part was not to bad, as we had broken the ice up yesterday. It only took us an hour to get back to the mooring, and because the man from the day before was not around it was a lot quieter as well. I am not one to do confrontation, but he was really out of order. So we are back on the mooring and hubby has a call booked with our GP. I have a feeling today may end up at the hospital, but I will keep you informed.

Well we did not end up at the hospital. But we did have to go and see our GP, who has not put hubby on some stronger tablets. He is now on anti-inflammatories and Morphine. Our GP had tried to get Keith into hospital, but the doctor said they would not take him in at this time, as they wanted to do more tests. Surely they could have done those with him in hospital. Our GP was not happy with the way Keith is being treated by the hosptial, and I have to say that I do feel like they are stalling. Keith has to have an operation, we know that, so why are they not getting on with it?
So he has more tablets and a letter for the hospital, should we have to rush him in. Having done that we went and up graded our phones at O2, so now have new Sony Ericsson phones. I hope that my T700 is as good as my old phone. It is now bedtime, so I will bid you a goodnight. Sleep tight and stay safe.

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