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Monday 25 January 2010

Just another Manic Monday.

So often I hear people saying they hate Monday's, but why?
Is it because they know they have to go to work and possibly take the kids to school?
Or is it just because they have heard others say they hate Monday's. I like everyday, because everyday is precious. This life is we have is no rehearsal, this is the only life we will ever get, so we should make the most of everyday.
This Monday has been a little manic. We were up early, as hubby had a 9am appointment with his GP, to update him about our hospital visit. We have a 3 week wait until we see the consultant. Once that was over we walked up to Gildings Auction House to have a look at the Measham wear they have for sale tomorrow. It looks lovely. There is a little damage, but nothing that will bother us to much. So we may go to the auction and see if we can purchase the four pieces, but alot does depend on what it goes for. We will set our price and not go a penny more. I have never been to an auction before, so I am quite excited about going.
Back on the boat, I made us a coffee, before tacking the chimney. The darn thing needed sweeping, because smoke was blowing back into the cabin. So with brush in hand, I climbed on to the boats roof and set about plunging the brush down into the dark hole. Once the brush was pushed all the way, the problem then came with getting the flippin thing out, without falling overboard. It took all of 10 minutes to sweep and 1/2 an hour to clean up the mess. But at least the chimney was swept and the fire relit, so we are nice and warm again. It is really important to keep boat chimneys swept regularly. No sooner that was done, friends who had been moored at the basin for six weeks, were heading off into the wide blue yonder. They came and bought a 2 bags of coal and we said our fond farewells and waved them goodbye. It was sad to see them go, as it was lovely to have their company. But like us they are continuous cruisers and therefore do not stay in anyone place for long. Once hubby is well again we will be on our way once more, but we have to wait for the hospital to get their finger out. In the meantime we are moored up on a landline and everything we need.
Lunch was Chicken Soup and bread and butter, with a nice hot coffee to wash it down. I am waiting for a customer to call and pick up his coal, once he has come I am off down the town to get some supplies in, as the fridge is looking a little on the light side, not to mention the cupboard.
Hubby had a couple of CB radio's fixed by a DJ on HFM, the local radio station. He came a calling to return the now mended radios, and was amazed at how much room we have on our floating home. I think he was quite taken with the idea of living and moving around on a boat. So Monday has been a little manic and it is still only 2.20pm. I dare say an awful lot more could happen by the end of the day.

Here is another Brain Teaser for you.

I have T at my start,

I have T at my end.

I have T in my middle,

And it comes through my bend.

What am I?


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