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Saturday 16 January 2010

Sleep is needed.

I went to bed having taken four Kalms tablets. For anyone who does not know what Kalms are, they are a traditional natural plant remedy to help promote natural sleep. Yeah right. Not in my case they don't. I would normally take Nytol, but having run out, I reverted back to Kalms, giving them another chance to help me get a proper nights sleep. I have periods where I sleep really well, then 3 weeks or so where I wake up constantly. This is my second week of having nights of disturbed sleep and it really is beginning to grind. I tend to put it down to the change (No not loose change, the life change), but not sure that is really it. So an hour before going to bed, I took four of these tablets and thought yippee here comes a good nights kip. So I was more than annoyed to find myself awake at 12.30am. Not only was I awake I was lying in a pool of sweat (Yuk). I lay there for 15 minutes listening to my other half sleeping (geesh that is so annoying), before getting up for a drink. It has to be said that it was pretty warm on the boat, so whether that was the reason for my soggy state or the fact that I am menopausal I really do not know. I do know however that on going back to bed, I tossed and turned until 7am, when hubby got up to go to the bathroom. So there was nothing for it but to get up and make a cup of tea, which we drank in bed. At 8.30am I gave up on trying to sleep and got up, because mutt needed to go out. I so hate it when I cannot sleep. I may have to result to getting something else to make me sleep, or I could ask hubby to knock me over the head with a mallet, I am sure that will make me sleep LOL.

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