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Wednesday 6 January 2010

Where is the snow.

Good morning.
I was so hoping to wake up this morning and find myself surrounded by loads of snow, but as I opened the back cabin doors at 6.45am all's I saw was a heavy frost and a dusting of the white stuff ;0(. It seems all around me is getting plenty of snow. Oh well I can but live in hope that it will dump some my way. Hubby and I love this weather. I do realise that it is not great for getting around in, but it is oh so beautiful. The boat is frozen in, and so for yet another day we are going nowhere.
Hubby was in the bathroom at 6.45am, so I got out of bed and saw to both of the coal stoves. I riddled them into life and fed them with fuel, so that it would be once again nice and warm inside. Next job was to put the kettle on for a warm morning cuppa, which would of course be enjoyed in bed. The cat decided that we were obviously awake and she needed feeding, so she was running to and fro across the bed trying to get our attention. That failed and so she bit hubby on the arm. 8.15am it was time to get up and get dressed, because dog needed his morning walk. But before that was going to happen, I made us some warming porridge. There is nothing nicer than a bowl of hot porridge on a cold morning. I then donned my NorthFace Jacket, hat and gloves and ventured outside to have a stroll with the mutt. It is so wonderful to walk on the crisp ground. Strolling back the snow began to fall yippee, but it lasted all of five minutes. It was still wonderful to see it though, as I know other places around me have had loads.
I am hoping my glasses are in today, if they are I will be taking a walk down the town, so I will update later.

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