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Saturday 19 June 2010

17 miles of beauty.

Is it just me, or has it been cold today??

I thought that it was more like Autumn when I took P out for his walk around Foxton Locks. I did catch a glimpse of a juvenile Kingfisher. Typically I did not have my camera on me. I never learn.

Brrrrrrrr where has the Summer gone??

When we set off at 8.15am, I did try to brave it in just my shirt sleeves and waistcoat. But both K and I had to don our Donkey Jackets to keep out the chilly Northerly breeze. The sun did put in an appearance, but was not warm enough to make us take our jackets off. Some of the views across the countryside along this 20 mile pound are stunning. We enjoyed 17 miles of scenery today and loved every moment of it. I saw a Buzzard, Squirrels, 4 Kingfishers, the usual ducks, Swans and Moorhens. It is was wonderful to see so many Kingfishers, because we were a little worried about them after the harsh winter we have just had. In some areas the Kingfisher has really suffered and gone altogether. This was mainly due to the lack of food, because with the canal frozen they could not catch fish. I do know that many fled to the rivers and even the coast to find food.
We met our first moving boat of the day NB Sarah D at 9.30 am and after that there was a steady stream of boats coming out of Yelvetoft and Crick Marina's for the weekend. There were plenty of stationary boats as well, some not holding up to date licences I hasten to add. We cruised past the home and stables of Piggy French. She has a beautiful property, but until today we did not know it was her place. For anyone who does not know who Piggy French is. She Piggy is a member of the UK World Class Eventing Squad.
During the run from Foxton to Crick, I kept the coffee coming, plus biscuits and then lunch. We only ever have sandwiches when eating on the run. I then cook at dinner time. Tonights dinner is going to be Sweet and Sour Chicken, with Rice. In between times I got to steer as well. I like to keep my hand in, as there is always something to learn. K is really enjoying steering the boat again after being out of action for some 6 months, so I am happy to let him have his fun ha ha ha.
We were just about to cruise past Kilworth Marina, and saw that they were just about to let the Dayboat out. Luckily they waited until we passed them by.
It always seems that we have to have someone hit us at least once a fortnight and this morning it must have been our turn again, because we were hit head on, but a boat totally out of control. They blamed it on being grounded, but I watched as they carried on down the canal and the steerer was all over the place. They apologised for hitting us. K said " It's ok, you would hurt this boat". Which whilst being true, it does not mean that we are open for target practice. People really need to learn how to steer their boats. We met a couple of private boats, who steered heavily out of our way, only to find themselves on the mud. When passing you do not need to actually move out of the way until the very last moment. You can head bow to bow and then at the last minute, slide past each other. Some people seem to make such a drama out of the manoeuver.
Heading towards Crick we passed Yelvetoft Marina, who is selling diesel for £1.19 a litre any advance on £1.19?
The Marina looked pretty empty. Either the boats are out, or they are still trying to fill it. It is in a lovely area and has all the facilities, but in these times of tightening belts, I do wonder if they may have bitten off, more than they can chew.
Having met every man, woman and their dog moving in the opposite direction, it was nice to arrive at Crick and find a mooring. There was only room for us and one more boat, so just as well we left early this morning. I tied up the bow and K did the stern as always. I then shut down the engine and turned off all the appropriate levers and switches.
No sooner we were settled P and M decided it had to be time to sit out on the back counter. M always has her harness and lead on, so she can sit out on the roof. P just lounges on the back counter and watches the world go by. It sure is a dogs life.
We will be staying here till Monday. We have a good digital signal again so we can watch the football. It had better be better than England's performance last night, because that match was a real shocker. We played abismally and that is a fact. I think we will be coming home early.

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