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Sunday 6 June 2010

Rumble, Rumble.

After a very steamy day yesterday the inevitable happened last night at 10pm (Get your mind out of the gutter). In the distance I could hear rumblings (not my stomach), a sure sign that we were in for a thunder storm. We were infact treated to an amazing light show, followed by thunder and heavy rain. This went on for an hour. I am not frightened of thunder storms, I actually find them fascinating. At the Restaurant people were sat outside under the large umbrella's watching the storm. It was as if it had been organised for their entertainment. As the rain began to fall, I had to close the windows, but continued to watch Mother Natures display. Amazingly neither the cat or dog were bothered by the going's on.
Did you see "Britain's Got Talent"?
I did and wow what a night. It was really difficult to decide who the winner should be. I felt so sorry for Janey Cutler, because she missed her cue and therefore got behind in her number. But at 80 years of age, she is a real star. I think the right act won. Spelbound were really fantastic and they will be a welcome addition to the Royal Variety. I loved Kieran the drummer. That youngman has a real talent and will go far. I can also Connected being signed up. Simon Cowell was seeing pound signs before his eyes, with those boys. People complain about all the talent shows we have on our TV, but they do show that this country really does have some fantastic talent, which deserves the chance to shine.
This morning I woke up to a very muggy, hazy start. It had been very clammy over night, so I was kind of hoping that the storm last night would have freshened the air, but no. I took the dog out for his stroll. I walked him down to the Cricket ground to see if any cars had arrived for the Car Boot Sale, which was going to take place there. I could not see any cars but could hear voices, from ladies setting up their pitches. "Your not selling that are you, its beautiful" one woman said. The other woman replied " Well I was, but if you would like it, I will keep it back", to which the first woman said "Well no you go ahead and sell it, I don't like it that much". So much for her saying it was beautiful. I wondered then what it was they had been talking about. The Car Boot was open from 9am, so after breakfast, hubby and I walked down to have a nose around. I was actually curious to see if I could find out what the women had been talking about. There were only twelve vehicles selling things and I saw nothing which I thought was beautiful. There was a lot of old tat there. We wandered round a couple of times, before leaving as the drizzle began to fall. It was all a little disappointing sadly.
I am not proposing to do much today. I have begun my shoulder exercises and it is not feeling very happy having done them. This I feel is to be expected as the muscles need to be toned up and stretched again. If I am lucky I may get hubby to wait on me hand and foot........ Yeah fat chance.
There is not much on the TV film wise this afternoon, so may have to have a DVD on. Later on we will be watching Soccer Aid. That should be entertaining.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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