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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Towpath Tale Part One.

Hi Friends.

We all hear about the things that go on with everyday life on the land. Some of the news is upsetting and at other times it is funny. The same things also happen on the water. We have funny, sad and scary moments all the time. I thought I would share some of them with you if you have a spare moment.

This first incident was actually scary, because we could have been injured.

We were happily cruising to Coventry Basin on our other boat a few years ago now, when a gentleman on the towpath called to us asking "Do you have a mobile Phone" I of course replied "Yes". He asked if I would phone the police, because youths were shooting at ducks with an air pistol. We were just rounding a bend when these youths came into view. I noticed that the taller youth was carrying something down by his thigh, so I kept my eye on him whilst Keith carried on steering the boat. I kept my eyes on the youths as wel past them by and with my camera to hand I waited to see what they would do next. To my amazement the taller youth lifted his arm up over the other and aimed at us. The next thing to happen was something hit the boat. He had fired on us. At that point I took the photos of the 3 youths. he was just about to do the same again, when I got on my phone and rang 999. The police were very good. I gave them all the details and they said they would meet us in Coventy Basin, because at this point we were about 15 minutes away. As we arrived in the basin we got a phone call back from the police to say they had caught the 3 youths, still in the place we had left them.

The police came out to us and took statements. They also took away the photos I had taken of the youths. My description of all three was what secured their arrest. Having given seperate statements, we were asked if we needed councilling. Which we replied "No". Thankfully we were not injured in the event.
The final outcome was the older youth got 12 months probation and 12 months community service. The other 2 were let of with a caution. The police did say to us that the older youth was well known to them and they did not expect him to stick to the courts conditions.

Thankfully nothing like that has happened since. Well not quite to bad anyway.

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