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Friday 4 June 2010

Not as bad as told........

Good morning.

I hope it is another beautiful day where you are?
It is beautiful here this morning, and is supposed to be another hot day.

Yesterday I had my steriod injection into my shoulder. Firstly the GP, who was very nice indeed, asked me to do all sorts of actions to see what mobility I had with my shoulder, which of course hurt like hell. He then asked me would I like the steriod injection, and of course my reply was yes please, if he thought it would help me. He said he thought it would.
I had not seen this GP before, and have to say he was very nice indeed and very gentle. We had a laugh about the fact that he got stuck in ireland, due to the Volcanic Ash for a few days whilst visiting his family. This broke the ice somewhat. He then put some local anasthetic into my shoulder, which I was grateful for. The Steriod then went in, which was rather odd, as I could feel it going into my joint. It was actually not as bad as I expected. Friends had told me horror stories. (NOTE to self, never believe friends). It was over with in minutes. I did not feel completely with it, the whole evening, so went to bed hoping for a good nights sleep. That did not happen arghhhhhh. The anasthetic wore off and oh boy the pain set in. Actually it is more of an aching feeling, which never stops, no matter where I put my shoulder and arm. So another crap nights sleep. I am gonna end up with dark rings around my eyes at this rate.

I got up at 7.45am and struggled with dressing. Mutt then got his walk, whilst the other half did something for breakfast. When I say did something, he just put cereal in bowl and made me a cup of tea. I have taken pain killers and will do some of the exercises given to me on a sheet of paper in a while to see how mobile I am. But was told not to overdo it for a couple of days, to allow the steriod to work. With the sun shining, I am going to sit outside and take it wasy I reackon. Of course yes I will be smoothering on the sun cream.

So my advice to you if you ever have to have a steriod injection, is not to worry about it. It is perfectly simple and nothing to worry about. Yes ok, you do get aching afterwards, but if it sorts the problem out, it is a small price to pay. If however after 6 weeks, my shoulder is still not right I have to go back to him. At this moment in time my shoulder is stiff and a little sore, but that should wear off in 24 to 48 hours I am told. Then I should see an improvement. It seems like a good excuse not to do to much today. But I am not exactly good at sitting around doing nothing, so this could be a challenge.

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