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Wednesday 30 June 2010

A sublime day.

Hello fellow bloggers.

It has been another sublime day weather wise.

Sleeping in the heat we have been experiencing, has been not to bad. But my stupid shoulder has been keeping me away. It is improving allbeit slowly. So I was awake again pretty early and there for got up and took the mutt for a walk on the offside. Behind us we had the Manor House Hotel and the beautiful Braunston church. The church has been on many a postcard.

Whilst I walked Paddy, Keith made us a cooked breakfast. He always does a cooked breakfast, when we fancy one, because I do all of the other cooking. It is my morning off, as far as laying up the breakfast things. He also made me a nice cuppa. I still find a cup of tea is more refreshing than any other drink on a hot day.

Having had breakfast, I then trudged up the hill and I went and got a few salad bits from the shop in Braunston and some Bacon from the Butchers. The Butchers is one of the best in the area, and at the moment they are doing 18 rashers for £1.99, which is a very good price. When I got back to the boat, we both went to the Chandlers at the bottom of Braunston Locks. We find them much better on prices than other places. So with goodies in hand and on order, we headed back to the boat for some lunch, which I made. It was only a sandwich with some homemade cake, but would be enough to keep us going till dinner. We then decided to leave the Braunston Stop House Moorings and head out into the countryside up the Oxford Canal, for some peace and quiet. Before leaving though, I took the toilet cassette and emptied it. Yep I do that job as well. Well I help to fill it, so I should help to empty it. I know many women, will not even touch the cassette, let alone empty it, but it has to be done. So we are now out in the countryside and it is truly sublime. Stunning views and lots of birdsong.
Between Bridges 105 and 107 on the Oxford Canal, we spotted this Heffer grazing on the bushes. Your thinking aww how lovely. The problem with this was she was grazing out on the towpath. On the offside their were cows grazing in the field, so we think she may have swam across the canal. At any rate I rang the BW quick response team number and they were going to some out and find the cows owners. She was calling across the canal to her friends. Probably asking them to join her. Now that really would make a good photo.
We winded at bridge 107 and head back up the canal to moor near bridge 102, the Flecknoe road bridge, 7.4 miles 4hrs. This will be our home for a couple of days, as we have boat jobs to do. Like cleaning out the bilges and the front locker, which has an inch of water in it. That is going to be my job. Keith is going to clean out underneath the engine, as it has old oil in there and lots of dog hair. We will be using some cat litter to soak it all up. Then bag it up and take it to the nearest dump. I am totally against just dumping stuff in the hedgerows. The reason they made bins was so we could put our rubbish in them. So I wish people would use them. We are moored behind Tug Hector, the 2nd boat that Roger Fuller built back in 1986. The last time we saw her she had just been bought by her present owners Daisy and Paul, and they still love her, which is great news. Tug Hector has had a few changes made to her inside and she is looking lovely. Whilst we were nattering to Daisy and Paul, Graham on the Ecover boat Tia, pulled in to refill my Ecover bottles of which I am grateful. I had been hoping to do this for sometime. I got to have a few words with Graham, before he was off on his way home. No doubt we will see him again sometime.
So all is well with our world and we will enjoy this mooring and the digital TV signal we have. Andy Murray is through to the Semi Final after beating Tsonga yippee, well done Andy.
I have been out and washed down the boat and polished the side I could not reach when we were moored above Braunston. So that is another job done, for a few months.
Time to relax now, before bedtime. I am off to make a cuppa, so I will bid you a good evening.

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