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Wednesday 16 June 2010

On the move again at last.

Hi folks.

Well the day has finally arrived. The day when we can undo our ropes and set off for pastures new. Having been stuck in Market Harborough since December, it has been a struggle not to go stir crazy.
The alarm went off at 7am, but to be fair I was awake at 6am. I could hear the Common Tern in the basin, looking for its breakfast. P had his walk first and then we had breakfast. Whilst drinking my early morning cuppa, I rolled up the sheeting and sorted the hold out, because we were expecting an early delivery of coal. Infact the delivery did not arrive until around 10am. But it was not a problem, because we were in no hurry. Because of my shoulder, I was not allowed to handle the coal today, so I left K with that job. He stacked the coal as it was delivered to the boat. I stacked the Kindling and Toilet Blue, which was none to taxing. I also got the job of making the tea. When ever we have a coal delivery, I always have cake and biscuits for the lads to devour. This morning it was Chris and Tom, who were digging into the cake and biscuits. To be honest they deserved it on such a warm morning.
With the coal, kindling, toilet blue and firelights stowed away, K started the engine and she was none to happy to fire on both cylinders, so coughed into life on one cylinder for a while and then got the second cylinder going. With all jobs done, we said our goodbye's to all the friends we have made in the basin and finally got moving as far as Foxton, 5.5miles 2hrs 5mins, it is absolutely fantastic to be on the move again, on such a fabulous day. The Swing Bridge at Foxton, was the usual pain in the butt. Apparently the bearing needs changing, but that will not be done until at least the end of the Summer, so it is almost impossible to open the damn thing. K had to actually use the boat to open it. He gave it a nudge for me, so I could get it moving. I could only get it open 3/4, and then it would go no further. Something seriously needs to be done now, before someone ends up hurting themselves. Thankfully it did not make my shoulder any worse.
Having arrived at Foxton, we moored up, set up the TV ariel and sat and watched the football. This mooring will be home for a day or two.

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