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Saturday 5 June 2010

Residential Moorings.

Good afternoon.

What a fabulous few days we have had. This is what living on a boat is all about. Thankfully I am an all weather person. I am quite happy to put up with whatever the weather chucks at me, but hey it is always nice to get some sunshine.
My shoulder is coming along I think. I have rested it as told by the GP and this morning I began the exercises. This maybe a slow process, as I cannot get my arm into some of the positions without pain, but it is early days. With a lot of time on my hands at the moment as I rest the shoulder, I have been doing some surfing on the net and I came across the British Waterway's Mooring site. To get a British Waterway's mooring these days you have to bid for one in the auction. The problem is that there are way to few Residential Moorings for those who do not wish to be in a marina. I did however spot this Residential Mooring. The main problem with it though is it is on the Aire and Calder, which is not where we would want to be. Infact on closer inspection they have three in the same place wooo hooo. Sadly though not for a 70ft boat. Finding a 70ft residential mooring is almost impossible. When we finally decide we can no longer move the boat, due to either old age or health issues, we would love to see our days out on the boat, but it is true to say that finding a residential mooring is never going to be easy. I remember when we were in Birmingham for the BCN Explorer Cruise a couple of years ago. There was a representative from British Waterways in the news, talking about the canal and that they wanted marina's to allow 10% of their moorings for residential moorers. Not sure what happened to that, it was it just a hollow promise. I know I have said we would not like being in a marina, but who knows by the time we get to the point of not moving the boat anymore we may like the marina idea. Time will tell. I really must go and sit outside and get off the computer.... Have a fun evening.

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